HEALTH NOTES: Peanut allergies could get the brush off in toothpaste trial

HEALTH NOTES: Peanut allergies could get the brush off in toothpaste trial By Mail on Sunday Reporter Published: 22:01 BST, 27 March 2021 | Updated: 22:01 BST, 27 March 2021 Scientists are testing whether a toothpaste could help to protect people who suffer from peanut allergies. New York-based drugs firm Intrommune Therapeutics has enrolled 32 peanut-allergic … Read more

EU’s drug regulator says severe allergies should be added to list of side effects

Severe allergies should be added to the list of possible side effects of AstraZeneca‘s Covid-19 vaccination, the EU’s drug regulator said. The development comes after 41 reports of possible anaphylaxis were detected in the UK, with likely links to the vaccination.    Severe allergic reaction is listed as ‘not known’ under possible side effects of the AstraZeneca jab … Read more

Noel Gallagher admits his pet cat is ‘a pain in the a**e’ due to his family’s allergies

Noal Gallagher has revealed his family’s pet cat Boots has become a ‘pain in the a**e.’ The Oasis hitmaker, 53, said that even though two members of his family are allergic to the feline, he’s forever met with rejection when he suggests getting rid of it. It comes after Noel’s brother Liam took to Instagram … Read more

Boiling peanuts and then eating them under medical supervision might help stop food allergies

Eating peanuts that have been boiled in water could cut the risk of life-threatening reactions in those who are allergic, according to researchers at Imperial College London, who are now testing the approach in a trial. Boiling peanuts for 20 to 30 minutes washes out some of the proteins that can trigger often fatal responses — … Read more

Fauci is ‘concerned’ about possible allergies to Pfizer’s covid shot

The severe allergic reactions suffered by two UK health care workers who got Pfizer‘s coronavirus vaccine yesterday are ‘of some concern,’ Dr Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday afternoon.  During a Harvard University forum hosted by CNN‘s Dr Sanjay Gupta, Dr Fauci did not seem particularly shocked that these reactions occurred, but he did warn that … Read more

Face masks can trigger ECZEMA in people with allergies, study warns 

Face masks can trigger bouts of ECZEMA in people with sensitive skin and allergies, study warns Medics discuss the case of a a 60-year-old man with a history of skin allergies Reported to his doctors with eczema on his face and could not identify the issue Doctors realised the flare-ups are at the same place … Read more

Caesarean sections can ‘double the risk of asthma and allergies’

Babies born through caesarean sections have more than double the risk of early childhood asthma and allergies, a new study claims.  In a study of 700 children, US researchers have found a link between babies born by a caesarean (C-section) and having asthma and allergies at the age of six years.  A caesarean – a … Read more

Weaning babies on WEETABIX ‘could prevent wheat allergies’

Introducing babies to gluten-rich foods such as Weetabix from four months of age could prevent them from developing wheat allergies as they get older, study finds.  Researchers from King’s College London examined data on 1,004 babies as part of a wider study into food tolerances and how they develop. Half those studied were breastfed exclusively … Read more

Parents place children on risky exclusion diets due to mistaken belief they could beat allergies

Parents place children on risky exclusion diets due to mistaken belief they could beat allergies Experts blame allergy tests which claim conditions beaten by avoiding foods  Following this advice could lead to nutritional deficiencies, it was claimed  Parents may even trigger an allergy by excluding food groups from child’s diet By Jonathan Neal For The Mail … Read more

Dogs: Pampered pooches are more likely to suffer from allergies, expert claims

Pampered pooches who spend their time indoors, sitting on sofas and eating human food are more likely to suffer from allergies, expert claims Some 1.6 million dogs are suffering from allergy-related conditions, the vet said Allergies can trigger inflammation, skin irritation as well as ear and eye disorders Labradors and Yorkshire terriers are particularly susceptible to such … Read more