Hotel quarantine ‘guest’ claims policy is against her human rights

A British businessman who will be among first people to leave hotel quarantine at midnight tonight after flying in to the UK from Dubai unaware of the rules said today he ‘can’t wait’ to see his wife and children. Wayne Kelly was part of the initial batch of travellers taken straight from London Heathrow Airport … Read more

Jo Whiley claims her disabled sister Frances ‘refused to talk to her’ over Covid-19 vaccine

Jo Whiley has claimed her disabled sister Frances ‘refused to talk to [her]’ of her family when she was offered the Covid-19 vaccine first. Making an appearance on Thursday’s edition of This Morning, the BBC Radio One DJ, 55, said her sibling’s reaction was ‘the cruellest twist’ and detailed how the situation was like ‘the … Read more

Obama claims reparations are ‘justified’ but explains it was a ‘nonstarter’ during his presidency

Former President Barack Obama claimed reparations for black Americans are ‘justified’ but explained in his podcast with Bruce Springsteen that it was a ‘nonstarter’ during his presidency because of ‘white resistence’. During his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama appeared to oppose reparations and argued that ‘the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the … Read more

Amber Rudd claims pro Europeans are no longer welcome in the Tory Party

‘No room for pro-Europeans in Tory party’: Would-be MPs need to show show ‘real Brexit enthusiasm’ to stand a chance of getting selected, says Amber Rudd Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd claims she was forced out of the Tory Party She said new Conservative candidates had to show ‘real Brexit enthusiasm’  As a result she … Read more

Maternal deaths link to hospital visit ban, report claims

Maternal deaths link to hospital visit ban: Pregnant women might have died because their partner was not present during labour, report claims Partners are banned from attending childbirth because of Covid restrictions Report says some patients died alone in hospital or discharged themselves early Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch examined 19 deaths when visitors were only … Read more

Linda Robson leaves out Pauline Quirke from gushing post amid claims friendship is over

Linda Robson has left her Birds of A Feather co-star Pauline Quirke out of a gushing Instagram post paying tribute to her ‘favourite girls.’ Following reports that the pair have fallen out following a huge row, the actress, 62, shared a gallery of snaps featuring female friends and loved ones to mark ‘Galentine’s Day’ on … Read more

Sacha Baron Cohen claims he ‘can’t’ reprise Borat role in future as he fears his ‘luck will run out’

Sacha Baron Cohen has claimed he ‘can’t’ return to the role of Borat as he fears for his life, after nearly being shot at a pro-Trump gun rally in the film’s sequel. The comedian, 49, spoke on NPR’s Fresh Air on Wednesday, claiming his days getting in disguise were over as he felt his luck … Read more

Gavin Williamson claims Britain’s lagging Covid vaccination drive ISN’T down to lack of jabs

Gavin Williamson has claimed there are no coronavirus vaccine supply issues, despite Britain’s roll-out suffering its worst slump in a month.   The Education Secretary insisted today there was ‘no problem’ with deliveries of doses and said ‘there will always be some days’ when uptake dips lower.  Figures show just 150,000 Covid vaccines jabs were dished … Read more

Number of foreign nationals who overstay visas in Britain DOUBLES in five years, new report claims 

Number of foreign nationals who overstay their visas after arriving in Britain DOUBLES in just five years, new report claims A new report claims foreign nationals overstaying visas doubled in five years In 2016, 49,420 arrived with visas but never left, this rose to 91,863 last March Migration Watch UK claim  250,000 more could be … Read more

MAFS’ Jake Edwards is BLASTED by his jilted ex-fiancée who claims he was deceitful

Married At First Sight groom Jake Edwards has been slammed by his ex-fiancée Paige McCuskey in a series of brutal Instagram posts. Jake, who married Perth businesswoman Beck Zemek on Monday night’s season premiere, ended his engagement to Melbourne photographer Paige in late 2019.  While Jake’s official bio states he simply ‘fell out of love’ … Read more