Popular American etiquette expert accuses Instagram star of COPYING all of her posts

A popular American etiquette expert has earned thousands of loyal followers for her etiquette classes, bestselling books, and Instagram page — but she was shocked to learn that one of those followers was covertly stealing her content and reposting it as her own. Myka Meier, New York Plaza Hotel’s etiquette instructor and the founder of … Read more

Britain WON’T have to live with Covid like flu because it will become like measles, top expert says

Sage member Professor Devi Sridhar has said Britain will not have to live with Covid like flu because its prominence in society will be more like measles Britain might not have to live with coronavirus in the future because the current crop of vaccines are so effective, a top Government scientist expert has claimed. Most scientists … Read more

This Morning viewers point out decluttering expert hacks about cables could be a fire hazard

This Morning’s latest segment on how to declutter your home was panned today with viewers claiming the expert’s advice amounted to causing a fire hazard.    Australian presenter Georgina Burnett was giving her best tips on how to avoid clutter piling up around the house, advising viewers to hide their cables and extension leads inside … Read more

Expert suggests huge 82 per cent plunge in cases in just six weeks could be down to herd immunity

What is ‘herd immunity’?  Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection. Effectively, it means that once people have some form of immunity, it reduces the ability of a disease to spread among the population. Therefore someone … Read more

Expert warns of ‘fundamental ethical concerns’ over vaccine passports

An expert has today warned of ‘fundamental ethical concerns’ over vaccine passports. Dr Sarah Chan, a bioethicist at Edinburgh University, said state-issued documentation showing whether someone has received the Covid jab could risk ‘creating a false sense of security’. She explained that proof of having the vaccination does not fully guarantee that a person cannot contract … Read more

Tech expert reveals how to make Siri say ANYTHING when you plug in your charger

A tech expert has revealed a clever trick to make Siri recite a funny phrase whenever a charger is plugged into the iPhone. Kaan, a popular TikTok star, has earned 4.4 million followers for videos in which he shares little-known iPhone tricks.  In one, he breaks down step-by-step how to program your phone to utter … Read more

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis reveals easy trick to work out how much to put into your pension

Martin Lewis has revealed an easy trick to know exactly how much money you should be putting into your pension pot each year. The London-based finance expert shared his ‘rule of thumb’ on what percentage of your salary to put away on last night’s episode of ITV’s The Martin Lewis Money Show Live. The Money … Read more

Expert says it would be ‘strange’ to add US and Spain to ‘red list’

A travel expert today said adding passengers arriving in Britain from Spain and the US to the UK’s ‘red list’ of countries would be a ‘strange’ move as officials consider the risk of new variants from the two countries. UK health officials will decide this week if those arriving from the two countries should isolate … Read more

Expert reveals how to protect your hair and scalp against this winter

We want our locks to look great all-year-round, but unfortunately winter can be seriously harsh on hair. Icy temperatures, dry air and blustery winds combined with central heating mean our scalps are more prone to dehydration and dryness. However, keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated needn’t be a hard task according to top trichologist Stephanie … Read more

Expert calls for Victoria’s under-fire hotel quarantine system to be shut down

Victoria’s under-fire hotel quarantine system should be shut down until it is proven safe to function, one of Australia’s leading infectious disease experts has demanded. Professor Lindsay Grayson is leading calls for the program to be halted after the entirety of Victoria was plunged into a strict five-day lockdown in response to a cluster of cases … Read more