Fauci says Covid cases ‘are at a disturbing level’ and are set to surge

Dr Anthony Fauci warned that the number of new coronavirus cases recorded every day has flattened at a ‘disturbingly high level.’ On Wednesday, the country reported 75,038 infections with a seven-day rolling average of 65,882, marking the 13th day in a row that the average has topped 60,000, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns … Read more

Fauci: One-dose vaccination could be ‘tenuous’ protection against variants

Dr Fauci warns that delaying second doses of Covid vaccines would give only ‘tenuous’ protection against variants that may weaken the shots  UK health officials allow second doses to be delayed up to 12 weeks Dr Fauci has stood against this strategy in the U.S., buy Monday said there is not a ‘right or wrong’ … Read more

Fauci says the US government will not require Americans to use ‘vaccine passports’

Dr Anthony Fauci has said the U.S. government will not require Americans who are immunized against COVID-19 to use so-called ‘vaccine passports.’ The idea behind these passports is that they would offer proof of vaccination so that people could perform daily tasks such as eat in restaurants, travel, shop and so on. But they have … Read more

Covid US: Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul clash on masks for vaccinated

Angry Dr. Fauci says vaccinated people are still at risk from variants after Sen. Rand Paul accuses him of wearing two masks just for show after having had his shots Paul told Fauci he parades around in masks ‘for show’ ‘You want to get rid of vaccine hesitancy? Tell them they can get rid of … Read more

Dr. Fauci loosens up: COVID czar tells Spring Breakers they CAN have a good time

Dr Anthony Fauci is finally giving Americans his blessing to have fun this spring break – but warns not to throw all caution to the wind and coronavirus cases and deaths continue to decline in the U.S. ‘We want people to have a good time on spring break, but don’t put your guard down completely,’ … Read more

Julia Roberts honors Dr. Anthony Fauci as Kelly Clarkson and Rita Ora perform during amfAR benefit

Julia Roberts presented Dr. Anthony Fauci with amfAR’s Award of Courage during Thursday’s virtual A Gala for Our Time. The Academy Award winner appeared from home, as she honored the Chief Medical Advisor to the President for his work during the COVID-19 pandemic. She addressed him during the special: ‘There’s no one more deserving. You’ve been tireless … Read more

Fauci says he is worried that COVID-19 cases will plateau at 70,000 per day

Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said he’s worried that cases of coronavirus will plateau around 70,000 rather than decline. On Sunday, the U.S. recorded 51,204 infections, a decline of 5.4 percent over last week. This is also the lowest figure seen since October 7, when 50,341 cases were recorded, according to … Read more

Dr Fauci declares April ‘open season’ for COVID-19 vaccinatoins

Dr Fauci declares April ‘open season’ for any American adult to get a COVID-19 vaccine and predicts the ‘majority’ of Americans will have two doses by fall Dr Anthony Fauci predicted anyone in the US who wants one will be able to get a coronavirus vaccine by April in a Today show interview He said … Read more

Fauci says no ‘red flags’ after about 20,000 pregnant women vaccinated

Dr Anthony Fauci says there have been ‘no red flags’ after tens of thousands of pregnant women have received vaccines against COVID)-19. During a White House briefing on Wednesday, the nation’s top infectious disease expert said that expectant months have been given both Pfizer-BioNTech’s and Moderna’s shots with no unexpected side effects. ‘I want to … Read more

US Covid expert Anthony Fauci calls for double-masking to slash the spread of coronavirus

Wearing two face masks could slow down the spread of coronavirus even more than just one, Dr Anthony Fauci has claimed – but experts say there isn’t enough proof.  Dr Fauci — the US Government’s top infectious diseases expert — said it was ‘common sense’ that double-masking would be more effective.  He added it was … Read more