Vatican cardinal and nine others will stand trial over purchase of property in Chelsea 

Vatican cardinal and nine others will stand trial on charges including extortion, embezzlement and fraud over purchase of property in Chelsea using Church funds Italian Cardinal Angelo Becciu will appear before the tribunal of the Holy See The 73-year-old was dismissed from a powerful Vatican job last September Becciu charged with embezzlement, abuse of power … Read more

Vatican protests against new anti-LGBT laws in Italy

Vatican tells Italy to stop plans for anti-homophobia laws as they would force Catholic schools to participate in LGBT events Equality laws in Italy will create national holiday celebrating LGBT community Catholic schools would not be exempt from participating in the events That prompted the Vatican to lodge an ‘unprecedented’ protest against rules  Holy See … Read more

Pope Francis leads Easter prayers in the Vatican as world celebrates Good Friday

Pope Francis led prayers to celebrate Easter as thousands of pilgrims packed Jerusalem to mark Good Friday after Covid restrictions were eased following the success of Israel’s vaccine roll-out. In Latin America, penitents from Mexico and Guatemala to Paraguay carried tree branches covered with thorns and large crosses in Passion Plays reenacting the crucifixion of … Read more

Covid lockdown: Millions of Christians mark Palm Sunday as Pope Francis leads mass at Vatican

Millions of Christians across the world today marked a second Palm Sunday during the pandemic as Pope Francis warned ‘the Devil is taking advantage of the crisis to sow distrust, desperation and discord’.  The pontiff traditionally leads a Palm Sunday procession through St Peter’s Square in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists clutching … Read more

Pope orders pay cuts for cardinals and clerics as Covid-19 pandemic hits Vatican finances

Pope Francis has ordered cardinals to take a pay cut and reduced the salaries of most other Vatican clerics as the coronavirus pandemic hits the Holy See’s income. Francis issued a decree introducing the proportional cuts starting on April 1, the Vatican said on Wednesday.  The pontiff has often insisted that he does not want … Read more

Pope Francis appoints two women to Vatican posts previously only ever held by men

The Pope appoints two women to Vatican posts previously only ever held by men in Francis’s latest show of support for equality Pope Francis have appointed two women to posts previously held only by men One of them now have the right to vote in the all-male assemblies of bishops In 2020, Francis assigned six … Read more

Vatican is ridiculed for its ‘comically awful’ nativity scene with figures likened to the Daleks

Excommunicate! Excommunicate! Vatican is ridiculed for its ‘comically awful’ nativity scene with figures likened to the Daleks and Darth Vader The 20 ceramic statues were set up in St Peter’s Square by officials on Friday  Includes astronaut and a character wearing a warrior-like helmet with skull on it  In one article from The Catholic Herald … Read more

NBA’s social justice coalition meets with Pope Francis at Vatican

Pope Francis met with five members of the NBA‘s newly formed National Basketball Social Justice Coalition at the Vatican on Monday to discuss issues related to equality.  San Antonio Spurs guard Marco Belinelli, Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac, Kyle Korver of the Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies power forward Anthony … Read more

Vatican demands answers from Instagram over Pope’s model photo ‘like’

Vatican demands an explanation from Instagram after Pope Francis’s account liked a photo of a Brazilian model dressed as a schoolgirl Instagram users noticed the papal ‘like’ under a racy photo of Natalia Garibotto  The Vatican claimed it ‘can exclude that the “like” came from the Holy See’    The Brazilian model joked after the mishap: … Read more

The Pope apologises to faithful for being unable to greet them at the Vatican due to coronavirus

Mask-free Pope tells faithful he cannot risk greeting them and shaking their hands following coronavirus spike in Italy as four Swiss Guards test positive for Covid-19 Pope Francis apologises to the faithful after waving from a distance at a public audience in the Vatican The 83-year-old, who appeared without a mask, said the unprecedented measures … Read more