Two thirds of US COVID-19 hospitalizations may been preventable

Were 600K COVID hospitalizations preventable simply through diet and exercise? TWO THIRDS of people hospitalized for COVID were obese or had diabetes, high blood pressure or heart failure, study finds Tufts University researchers looked at data on more than 900,000 hospitalized COVID-19 patients  30% were obese, 26% had high blood pressure, 21% had diabetes had … Read more

Six Nations: France vs Scotland is OFF after Les Bleus record new Covid-19 test

BREAKING NEWS: France’s Six Nations clash with Scotland is OFF after Les Bleus recorded a new Covid-19 positive test… meaning ELEVEN of their playing squad have now been infected in the last week The France squad are in isolation after a positive test was confirmed on Thursday And organisers have decided that the match on Sunday … Read more

Jo Whiley claims her disabled sister Frances ‘refused to talk to her’ over Covid-19 vaccine

Jo Whiley has claimed her disabled sister Frances ‘refused to talk to [her]’ of her family when she was offered the Covid-19 vaccine first. Making an appearance on Thursday’s edition of This Morning, the BBC Radio One DJ, 55, said her sibling’s reaction was ‘the cruellest twist’ and detailed how the situation was like ‘the … Read more

Jane Fonda, 83, says she is ‘so happy’ she embraced her natural grey hair and got Covid-19 vaccine

Jane Fonda has gushed she is ‘so happy’ to have embraced her natural grey hair as she’d had ‘enough’ of dyeing it blonde. The Hollywood icon, 83, made an appearance on the Ellen show on Wednesday, where she discussed her looks, as well as her delight at being able to get the Covid-19 vaccine, which … Read more

COVID-19 variant spreading in New York City has mutation that may weaken effect of vaccines

BREAKING NEWS: New COVID-19 variant is spreading through New York City – and it has a mutation that may weaken effectiveness of vaccines, researchers say B.1.526 variant first appeared in samples collected in New York City in November It now accounts for about 27 percent of viral sequences in databases used by scientists Scientists have … Read more

Pharmacists say combining leftover COVID-19 vaccine could increase daily shots by 10%

Pharmacists say that combining leftover COVID-19 vaccines from different vials could save thousands of doses. The process, called ‘pooling,’ involves taking residual vaccine left behind in one bottle and amalgamating it with a little bit from a second bottle to create one full dose.  One pharmacy team at Inova Health System, a nonprofit hospital network … Read more

COVID-19 antibodies appear to protect survivors from getting reinfected for at least three months

New evidence suggests that COVID-19 survivors who test positive for antibodies appear to be protected from reinfection for at least a few months. Researchers found that having coronavirus antibodies put people at a 10-fold lower risk of infection compared to those who tested negative for antibodies.  What’s more, this protection lasted for at least 90 … Read more

FDA analysis finds Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine does protect against COVID-19

Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine protects against COVID-19, according to an analysis by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released on Wednesday. The federal agency’s scientists confirmed that, overall ,the vaccine is about 66 percent effective at preventing moderate to severe COVID-19. What’s more, the shot appears to offer more protection against new, variants … Read more

US states will get 14.5 MILLION doses of COVID-19 vaccines next week

States can expect about 14.5 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine this week, an almost 70% increase in distribution over the past month, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday.  Pharmacies will also the shipments sent directly to them increase by about 100,000 doses this week, Psaki said.  The stepped-up efforts come as the … Read more

Britney Spears’ actor boyfriend Sam Asghari flexes his muscles as he gets COVID-19 test

Britney Spears‘ actor beau Sam Asghari posted an inspirational message to his Instagram followers on Tuesday, after revealing that he was getting back to work on set. ‘Be the reason somebody feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.’ the 26-year-old actor captioned the picture.  On his Instagram Stories, buff Sam revealed that he was … Read more