Eye-brain connection humans first evolved in fish 100 MILLION years earlier than previously thought

Discovery that ‘literally changes the textbook’: Eye-brain connection humans have today first evolved in fish 100 MILLION years earlier than previously believed A study found the human eye-brain connection was present 450M years ago This means the network of nerves evolved 100 million years earlier than thought Experts analyzed the gar fish, which is similar … Read more

Earth’s Great Oxidation Event occurred 100 million years LATER than previously thought, study finds 

The Great Oxidation Event that saw oxygen levels surge and life flourish on Earth happened 100 million years later than previously thoughts, researchers claim. University of Leeds experts analysed rocks from South Africa that were deposited in the ocean at the time of the Great Oxidation Event more than two billion years ago. This event … Read more

Vaccine protection is stronger for those previously infected by coronavirus, study finds 

Vaccine protection is stronger for those previously infected by coronavirus, study finds Those previously infected by coronavirus are more protected by Pfizer vaccine Antibody levels against South African and Brazilian variants are 15 times higher  The study took blood samples from 237 vaccinated NHS workers aged 22 to 71  By Victoria Allen Science Correspondent For … Read more

Surgeons perform double-lung transplant using organs from donor who previously had COVID-19

Surgeons at Chicago hospital perform one of the world’s first double-lung transplants on a COVID patient using organs from a donor who previously tested positive for the virus The patient, an Illinois healthcare worker in his 60s, tested positive for COVID-19 in May 2020 He became so ill that he was put on life support … Read more

Fewer than 1% of people who previously tested positive for COVID-19 are reinfected with the virus

The majority of people who test positive for COVID-19 are protected from being reinfected with the virus for at least six months, a new study suggests. Researchers found that fewer than one percent of people in Denmark in 2020 caught coronavirus twice. In addition, those who were aged 65 or older were 46 percent more … Read more

Study identifies 50 new genes that play a role in eye coloration compared to the two previously said

More than meets the eye! Study identifies 50 new genes that play a role in iris coloration compared to the one or two previously said to determine different shades A study has identified 50 new genes involved in determine human eye color Researcher conducted the analysis with some 195,000 Europeans and Asians It was previously … Read more

Researchers uncover the previously unknown identities of prisoners at Auschwitz

The identities and histories of prisoners in Nazi Germany‘s most notorious death camp Auschwitz have been uncovered following two years of painstaking research. Historians, archivists and IT specialists at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland and the Arolsen Archives in Germany teamed up for the project. They searched though over 160,000 documents concerning the fate … Read more

Inside Sophie Wessexes’ Bagshot Park home: Royal fans spy intimate photos in previously unseen rooms

Sophie Wessex has given royal fans a glimpse inside previously unseen rooms in the Bagshot Park home she shares with Prince Edward. The Countess, 56, took part in a special virtual engagement with the British Fashion Council yesterday, during which she presented the 2021 Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to London-born Priya Ahluwalia. Wearing … Read more

Caroline Flack’s family release previously unseen photos of the late star

Caroline Flack’s family have released a series of previously unseen treasured photos of the late star ahead of the release of a documentary about her life.  The star can be seen smiling brightly as a teenager in her school uniform in one image and wearing her hair in bunches in another.  She can also be … Read more

MAFS’ Rebecca Zemek was previously engaged to an AFL rookie Steve Verrier

Wannabe WAG Rebecca Zemek was previously engaged to a promising footy player before marrying ex-Carlton star Jake Edwards on MAFS Do you have a story about a MAFS star? Email [email protected]  By Ali Daher For Daily Mail Australia Published: 05:08 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 05:09 GMT, 23 February 2021 She married former AFL … Read more