Woman slammed for being possessive of her boyfriend after telling her sister off for flirting

Woman is labelled ‘possessive’ after asking flirty, divorcee sister to stop resting her hand on boyfriend’s leg – and it’s torn the family apart A woman has called out her older sister for being too flirty with her boyfriend The woman asked her not to put her hand on his leg and was labelled possessive She … Read more

Stylist reveals how to decorate your home on a budget 

REVEALED: The five simple rules to turn give your home a magazine-worthy makeover – and it won’t break the budget A stylist has revealed how to decorate your home without breaking the budget Crystal Bailey, 36, said adding pops of colour and playing with paint is great She also said adding foliage, flowers and live … Read more

Two-year-old rides a motorbike and reaches speeds of up to 35 mph – but still can’t ride a bicycle

Boy racer! Fearless toddler rides a mini 35mph motorbike at the age of TWO – but his mother says he still needs stabilisers on his bicycle Daniel Bartlett, 2, from Birmingham, West Midlands is a natural on a petrol bike The tot can reach speeds of up to 35 mph on his PW50 Yamaha mini motorbike … Read more

Woman who shared dorm with Cambridges at St Andrews says William was always paying attention to Kate

A woman who shared a dorm with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge says Prince William was ‘always paying attention’ to Kate Middleton whenever she was in the room. Laura Warshauer, from New Jersey, who met the couple in 2001 at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where they all lived at St. Salvator’s Hall, … Read more

Woman accused of FAKING letter by daughter, 5, complaining about plastic straws to drinks company

Proud mother is accused of FAKING viral post after sharing letter sent by her five-year-old ‘activist’ daughter to a drinks manufacturer asking to ‘ditch plastic straws’ as trolls say the writing is too neat and spelling is too good Aimii Bishop, who lives in Reading, shared a letter written by her daughter Juno Posting on … Read more

Real-life Rapunzel with 6ft-long blonde hair hasn’t cut her locks in 30 YEARS and reveals the secret

Real-life Rapunzel who hasn’t cut her 6ft-long natural blonde hair for 30 YEARS reveals the secret to long locks is only washing her hair once a week, never combing it while wet and letting it dry naturally Alena Kravchenko, 35, of Odessa, Ukraine, hasn’t cut her hair since she was five  The hair model said … Read more

Mum shares her clever morning trick for getting her kids to eat their school lunch EVERY time

Mum shares her clever morning trick for getting her kids to eat their school lunch EVERY time A mum has revealed how she ensures her two kids eat their school lunch  Cassie said she gets her daughters to choose from a selection of healthy snacks The food included vegetables, fruit, pretzels, rice crackers and yoghurt   … Read more

Woman furious after snobby resident leaves note on windscreen about Skoda

Woman is horrified to find note from a snobby neighbour asking her to move her £12,000 Skoda because it ‘makes the street look like Beirut’ Julia Laursen, 56, from Isle of Wight, was stunned to find note left on Skoda Snobby anonymous neighbour demanded she ‘not park her vehicle on the road’   Note read: ‘Would … Read more

Inside Britain’s biggest families: Parents reveal the fun and chaos of having a large brood

A new documentary is delving into the lives of some of Britain’s biggest families – including a couple with 11 children who spend half their weekly income on food. Three sets of parents showcase what it’s like living with nine children or more on ITV’s Britain’s Biggest Families: 31 Kids And Counting The Pennies, which … Read more