Husband cancelled streaming services and told his stay-at-home wife she needs to get job

A father-of-two came under fire online after he admitted he cut off his wife’s TV streaming subscription service because he wanted her to get a job. The man, 32, from the US, who wasn’t named, said his wife of five years, 33, became a stay-at-home mother without consulting him on whether that’s something he was … Read more

Lawyer told Muslim woman to ‘return to Afghanistan to educate the Taliban’, tribunal hears

Lawyer, 61, told Muslim woman to ‘return to Afghanistan to educate the Taliban on terrorism’ at a function and asked other women if their partners ‘paid towards their lifestyle’, tribunal hears Victor Stockinger denies making racially or religiously motivated statements He allegedly asked women if their male partners ‘paid towards their lifestyle’ He also denies giving … Read more

Boots worker who told customer ‘I don’t speak Taliban’ loses dismissal claim

Boots worker who told a customer who did not speak good English ‘I don’t speak Taliban’ loses constructive dismissal claim Boots employee Dorothy Roach went to help struggling colleague at the tills But tribunal heard she made ‘racist comments’ about customer who did not have English as their first language Claimed she told another customer … Read more

Tourists are told to avoid famous walrus off the Isles of Scilly

Give Wally a wide berth! Tourists are told to avoid famous walrus off the Isles of Scilly because the heatwave is making him tetchy Wally the walrus has caused thousands of pounds of damage boarding boats  He arrived on the Isles of Scilly last month and temperatures have since risen The Cornwall Seal Group Research … Read more

Naomi Osaka was told her ‘black card was revoked’ for representing Japan in Olympics instead of US

Japanese-Haitian tennis star Naomi Osaka has hit back at critics of her decision to represent Japan at the Olympics this months, revealing that she was told her ‘black card was revoked’ after she announced that she would not be playing for the US in Tokyo.    The 23-year-old, who was born in in Chūō-ku, Osaka to a … Read more

As Smiths Group faces break-up, probe private equity buyouts, ministers told

Ministers under pressure to order inquiry into private equity plundering of British firms as Smiths Group becomes latest to be targeted by foreign predator TA Associates have made a £2billion approach for Smiths Group’s medical division, which makes for hospital ventilators and has around 100 staff in the UK A successful sale would see the company, … Read more

Euro 2020: Gareth Southgate told England to ‘be brave and stay patient’ in extra-time team-talk

REVEALED: How Gareth Southgate’s extra-time team talk inspired England with advice of ‘be brave and stay patient’, as Kieran Trippier hails his positivity and calmness at  a key moment to reach the Euro 2020 final By Jonathan Spencer For Mailonline Published: 12:58 BST, 8 July 2021 | Updated: 13:02 BST, 8 July 2021 Kieran Trippier … Read more

Jarrod Woodgate takes aim at a Darwin coffee shop after he was told he can’t bring his dog inside

‘I feel ashamed and can’t stop shaking’: The Bachelorette’s Jarrod Woodgate lashes out at a Darwin café after being told he ‘can’t bring his therapy dog inside’ By Caleb Taylor For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:33 BST, 27 June 2021 | Updated: 04:33 BST, 27 June 2021 The Bachelorette‘s Jarrod Woodgate has taken aim at … Read more

Radio star once told off Zac Efron to his face for being late to a function with Hugh Jackman 

‘I don’t think anyone’s ever told him off’: Aussie radio host reveals he scolded Zac Efron to his face for being late to a function with Hugh Jackman By Nicole Douglas For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:55 BST, 20 June 2021 | Updated: 01:55 BST, 20 June 2021 Radio host Gus Worland has recalled the … Read more

Crackdown on rubbish drivers! Selfish motorists are told to stop using roads as a dump

Thoughtless drivers are putting lives and wildlife in danger and blighting the countryside by discarding tons of rubbish. To cope with the tsunami of trash, special teams from Highways England risk their lives collecting thousands of bags of litter from roadsides. Now the agency – which looks after the nation’s motorways and A-roads and carries … Read more