Nature: Intermittent warm passages let sea turtles cross cold waters on their 9,000 mile migrations

In what experts call their ‘lost years’, some loggerhead sea turtles spend up to two decades migrating from the Japanese beaches of their birth to Baja California. This 9,000-mile journey to distant foraging grounds, however, sees the temperature-sensitive creatures somehow traverse a frigid zone called the Eastern Pacific Barrier. Researchers from the US have finally … Read more

Nature: Dominant male baboons age faster from constantly having to defend their higher status

Competing for dominance speeds up AGING in baboons: Males at the top age faster as a result of constantly having to defend their higher status, study finds Researchers measured the effects of aging on the DNA of 245 baboons in Kenya They found that baboons prematurely aged as they moved up the social ladder The team … Read more

Nature: Mysterious jelly ‘blobs’ off Norway coast may be filled with tiny squid eggs and mucus

Bizarre, three-foot-wide blobs of jelly have been spotted off the Norwegian coast — and they contain tiny squid eggs in a bubble of mucus, a study has found. Researchers found that each of the blobs may contain as many as hundreds of thousands of the tiny eggs, each of which can develop into an embryonic … Read more

Nature: Female putty-nosed monkeys use males as hired guns to defend against predators like leopards

Female putty-nosed monkeys use males as ‘hired guns’ to defend against vicious predators such as leopards Researchers studied groups of putty-nosed monkeys in the north of the Congo They exposed the monkeys to a ‘leopard model’ — a man in a leopard-print sheet The team found that the sexes responded differently to the simulated threat Females … Read more

Nature: Octopuses may have short dreams ‘like small videoclips, or even gifs’ 

Octopuses have two sleep states just like humans — a ‘quiet’ one where their skin stays pale and short periods of ‘active’ sleep in which they twitch and change colour. Experts from Brazil who recorded video clips of the eight-legging animals dozing said that octopuses may have short dreams ‘like small videoclips, or even gifs.’ … Read more

Bedfordshire police hunting for missing woman, 24, find body in National Trust nature reserve

Police hunting for woman, 24, who has been missing for two weeks find body in National Trust nature reserve Bethany Edwards, 24, was reported missing by her family two weeks ago Police issued appeal to find 5ft 6in blonde who had links to Northampton Officers found a body at Sharpenhoe Nature Reserve in Bedfordshire on Friday … Read more

Scientist Richard Fortey pens memoir charting his ‘obsession’ with nature

‘I made the smelliest stink-bomb in history’: Natural History Museum scientist Richard Fortey pens evocative memoir charting his ‘obsession’ with nature which stems from childhood Distinguished scientist Richard Fortey has wrote a memoir about his childhood He is a world expert on trilobites but first found his obsession with nature as boy Fungi, fossils, wildflowers … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian started dating Travis Barker as she’s ready for ‘a more nature guy’

Kourtney Kardashian embarked on a romantic relationship with new beau Travis Barker because she was ‘ready for a relationship with a more mature guy’. The 41-year-old reality star and rocker Travis, 45, went public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day, after enjoying several years as close friends. And a source has told People that the … Read more

World Nature Photography Awards: Orangutan and owl feature in winning photos

An upside-down orangutan, a gigantic-looking bird and a flexible feathered friend performing the splits are among awe-inspiring photos honoured in this year’s World Nature Photography Awards.  The contest has announced its winners from an incredible pool of entries that flooded in from all over the globe.  A stunning image of an endangered Bornean orangutan staring … Read more