ALEX BRUMMER: UK supermarkets are weak

Why Britain’s grocers are so weak and foreign investors spot a bargain opportunity in our supermarket shares ALEX BRUMMER Established grocers are weak because of the discounters Lidl and Aldi  As they established a foothold in the UK, the native supermarkets had to fight back on price  This battle has taken a terrible toll on … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Morrisons is the wrong deal at the wrong time

ALEX BRUMMER: Morrisons is a farmer, landowner, fishing company and a food producer, all of which could be damaged by private-equity ownership By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail Published: 16:50 EDT, 30 July 2021 | Updated: 17:09 EDT, 30 July 2021 Softbank and Koch dynasty-backed Fortress has informed the stock market that it expects … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: US hurdle to G7 targets on tax and climate change

Hopes of a giant step forward on climate change at the Cornwall G7 proved optimistic. US politics has a nasty habit of getting in the way, as it has over setting a new global minimum tax of 15 per cent. Among specific proposals to cut collective carbon emissions in half by 2030 was a pledge … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Betrayal of Standard Life Aberdeen’s brand heritage

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, proclaims Proverbs.  Since the 2017 merger of Martin Gilbert’s Aberdeen Asset Management and the dowager of Scottish insurance, Standard Life, the two firms have contrived to damage both titles. The idea that the group’s new identity Abrdn will have financial advisers up and down … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: David Cameron’s role in Greensill affair stinks

ALEX BRUMMER: Treasury, Bank of England and FCA should have acted earlier over Greensill – and David Cameron’s role in the affair stinks David Cameron’s interventions on behalf of Greensill, and the use of the former Prime Minister’s name to try and drum up business, is deeply unedifying  Cameron is proving an exception to the … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Soriot must return to save Astrazeneca’s reputation

ALEX BRUMMER: Pascal Soriot must jet back from his lockdown bolthole to safeguard Astrazeneca’s reputation By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail Published: 22:00 BST, 8 April 2021 | Updated: 22:00 BST, 8 April 2021 The pandemic has created a great divide between people who think they can work efficiently from the back bedroom and … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Deliveroo could well prove the naysayers wrong

Riding the digital wave: Deliveroo is down but not out and could well prove the naysayers wrong, says ALEX BRUMMER By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail Published: 21:51 BST, 7 April 2021 | Updated: 21:51 BST, 7 April 2021 After the bloodbath when Deliveroo floated, the customers who bought into the issue have nothing … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: IMF perks up its forecast after Uncle Sam saves the day

Joe Biden is riding a wave of optimism following the passage of his $1.9trillion (£1.4trillion) fiscal package.  There may be more to come should the White House manage to steer proposals for a further £1.44trillion of climate change and infrastructure spending through a Congress jittery about debt levels. As the International Monetary Fund’s spring World … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Deliveroo boycott was a betrayal of the public interest

ALEX BRUMMER: Hypocritical big battalion investors dealt UK tech a devastating blow when they boycotted Deliveroo’s float By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail Published: 21:53 BST, 5 April 2021 | Updated: 21:53 BST, 5 April 2021 The Deliveroo debacle is being held up as a triumph for stakeholder capitalism. The herd-like decision of a … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Oxford-Astrazeneca jab hit by squabbling

ALEX BRUMMER: Gift Britain has given world via Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine undermined by EU squabbling and medical-politics in US By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail Published: 21:55 GMT, 26 March 2021 | Updated: 22:00 GMT, 26 March 2021 When my wife and I sat down a year ago to our Passover supper, known as the … Read more