Angelina Jolie visit refugees in Burkina Faso

Angelina Jolie says ‘there is nowhere I would rather be today than here’ as she dons headscarf to visit refugees in Burkina Faso Ms Jolie, 46, spoke in the West African nation to mark World Refugee Day Speaking at Burkina Faso’s Goudoubo refugee camp, she said she admires those who have to flee their homes She … Read more

Priti Patel plans sweeping changes after string of cases of adult refugees in schools

Asylum curbs on men who pose as pupils: Priti Patel plans sweeping changes after string of cases of adult refugees in schools Incidents included a balding man seemingly in his 40s in a British classroom Most troubling case of migrant lying about age was the Parsons Green bomber Independent age assessment body to decide on … Read more

Twenty refugees die when people smugglers throw them off boat to Yemen

Twenty refugees die when people smugglers throw 80 off overcrowded boat from Djibouti to Yemen Around 200 migrants including children were on boat from Djibouti into Yemen  Smuggler panicked during crossing and pushed around 80 people into the water Survivors said around 20 people drowned, with five bodies recovered so far  Tens of thousands of … Read more

Denmark becomes the first European nation to tell Syrian refugees they must return home

Denmark has become the first European nation to tell Syrian migrants they must return to their home country, saying it is now safe for them there. The Scandinavian nation has stripped 94 Syrian refugees of their residency permits after it determined Damascus and the surrounding area as being safe. Migrants will be sent to deportation … Read more

Honduran migrant caravan 1,000 strong demands that Biden match his rhetoric about refugees

A caravan of Honduran migrants is approaching the U.S. border ahead of Joe Biden‘s inauguration, creating the first major test of Biden’s plan to reverse many of Donald Trump‘s immigration policies. The group of migrants was originally anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 strong, although their numbers have dwindled as the march towards the United States … Read more

Paris police filmed violently breaking up a makeshift camp, dispersing hundreds of homeless refugees

French riot police have been accused of using ‘outrageous tactics’ to clear hundreds of homeless refugees from one of Paris’ biggest squares on Monday. Squads of officers moved into Place de la République, in the east of the city, on Monday night following reports that groups were planning to sleep there. The refugees, mainly Afghans, … Read more

Priti Patel ‘furious over leaks that blame her for “mad” idea to put refugees on remote islands’

Friends of Priti Patel reacted with fury today over leaks that suggested she was behind a range of madcap ideas including processing asylum seekers thousands of miles from Britain.  Reports have suggested the Home Secretary was looking at ‘offshoring’ refugees arriving in Britain in places including Ascension island and St Helena in the south Atlantic, … Read more

Images of protests, refugees and Black Lives Matter among winners of photography competition

Protests, war, illness and violence across the world have left indelible imprints in our memories in 2020. And they are among a series of powerful images which have been immortalised in a new photo competition highlighting the divisions which have cleaved many societies apart.   The PX3 State of the World 2020 photo competition in Paris … Read more

As row with France over Channel crossings rages, SUE REID speaks to refugees in Calais 

Priti Patel has risked inflaming relations with France by claiming migrants flee the country for Britain because they see it is as racist and fear they may be tortured.  The Home Secretary’s remarks, made in a private conference call with Tory MPs, incensed some French politicians, with one accusing her of ‘not doing much thinking’.  … Read more

Court slams France for callous treatment of refugees which forced them to flee to Britain 

Judges have condemned France for its ‘degrading and inhumane’ treatment of refugees in a scathing landmark ruling. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said the French authorities ‘had failed in their duties’ to support those who applied for asylum in the country, leaving them to sleep rough on the streets for months in ‘constant … Read more