Famous diagram showing ascent of man idea is ‘so wrong’ it sends leading geneticist ape 

Theory of errorlution: Famous diagram showing ascent of man idea is ‘so wrong’ it sends leading geneticist ape Dr Adam Rutherford said a diagram of human evolution is ‘mis-informative’ The famous image starts with an ape and evolves through stages into a man Rutherford told the Cheltenham Science Festival the diagram depicted a far more … Read more

Oxford University to teach that imperial measurements are ‘tied to the idea of Empire’

Oxford University reportedly plans to teach that imperial measurements are ‘tied deeply to the idea of the Empire’ in a bid to make science courses less ‘Eurocentric’. The University has reportedly suggested imperial measurements, including the mile, inch, pound and ounce, should be ‘decolonised’ due to its links to the British Empire. Decolonising plans by … Read more

Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh’s ‘DIY makeover TV show idea turned down by ITV’

Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh’s hopes for their own DIY makeover show have been dashed after they were reportedly turned down by ITV. The engaged couple recently purchased a new home in Manchester and are said to have had an idea to document their grand renovations in a makeover-style show. But according to reports, their … Read more

Physicist says alien life will be found within the century, but making contact is ‘a terrible idea’

Contact with alien life is just around the corner, according to leading physicist, but we shouldn’t expect it to be friendly. String theory expert and futurist Michio Kaku believes we’ll find signs of life in the universe within the century. But just blindly reaching out to extraterrestrials is ‘a terrible idea,’ he told The Guardian, … Read more

105,000-year-old artifacts found in Kalahari challenge idea that human origins are linked to coasts

Stone tools, burnt eggshells and other artifacts discovered in the Kalahari have experts questioning the long-held belief that civilization emerged from coastal regions. The items date back more than 100,000 years, when the South African desert received enough rain to sustain human inhabitants. Researchers also found nearly two dozen small pieces of calcite, which are … Read more

Councillor is suspended for dressing up as a woman on Facebook in protest at idea of curfew for men

Married Tory councillor is suspended for dressing up as a woman in protest at proposals for a 6pm curfew for all men after Sarah Everard’s murder Mark Deacon, Conservative councillor for Plymouth, posted image on Facebook Said he would wear a floral pink dress and long black wig if curfew was imposed  He has been … Read more

Harry and Meghan’s idea for little Archie’s chicken coop was inspired by Oprah

‘Chicken lady’ Penny Bianchi, 74, lives next door to Oprah’s $52million ‘Promised Land’ estate in idyllic Montecito, California Oprah Winfrey‘s ‘chicken lady’ neighbor has revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to keep a coop at their home is part of a popular trend in their new Californian hometown.  During the TV host’s interview … Read more

Paul Bettany had no idea WandaVision would become such a huge hit

Paul Bettany had no idea WandaVision would become such a huge hit: ‘We thought we were going to be this kooky cousin in the Marvel universe’ By Brian Gallagher For Dailymail.com Published: 06:04 GMT, 4 March 2021 | Updated: 06:04 GMT, 4 March 2021 After a full year with no Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in … Read more

Australian model Jess Hart admits she’s ‘always cringed at the idea of being an influencer’

Aussie model Jessica Hart reveals why she will never be a social media influencer as she poses in leggings with four-month-old daughter Baby on Instagram By D. Lawrance and Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia Published: 06:34 GMT, 3 March 2021 | Updated: 06:34 GMT, 3 March 2021 She’s a former Victoria’s Secret model, a … Read more

Would you tell your bank when you go jogging? That’s the idea behind ‘wellness banking’

Would you want your bank to know how many steps you’ve walked today, or whether you got around to going for your weekly jog? You’d probably think it was none of the bank’s business – but what if it was promising you vouchers or cash to reward you for taking a certain number of daily … Read more