Britain’s vaccine postcode lottery ‘means healthy adults in their TWENTIES are getting jabs’

Some regional NHS sites have started dishing out Covid jabs to healthy people in their twenties, it emerged today in another example of the UK’s vaccine postcode lottery. Despite national guidance stating only the top six priority groups should currently be invited for the jab, there have been growing reports of younger Brits who are … Read more

Parts of the UK are already jabbing over-50s without underlying conditions amid postcode lottery

Britain’s vaccine postcode lottery was laid bare today after it emerged parts of London have jabbed fewer than two-thirds of their elderly residents – even though some parts of the UK have already moved onto over-50s. Wales widened their jab roll-out on Monday to include everyone in the next phase at the same time – … Read more

England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery: Parts of London have only jabbed 60% of over-60s

England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery was laid bare today after it emerged parts of London have jabbed just 60 per cent of over-70s – while almost every elderly person has had their first dose in one district in Hampshire. The NHS England statistics, which go up to February 14, also show that some parts of … Read more

The electric car public charging lottery revealed

The huge gulf in costs faced by electric car owners who use public devices to replenish the batteries of their plug-in vehicles has been revealed in a new study. The priciest companies charge up to four times as much as the cheapest provider for the same amount of charge, a market comparison of user costs … Read more

Justin King says Sazka Lottery bid ‘could revive high streets’

Former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King says Czech firm Sazka’s Lottery bid ‘could revive high streets’ By Alex Lawson, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 21:50 GMT, 13 February 2021 | Updated: 21:50 GMT, 13 February 2021 Former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King has said the Czech firm vying to run the National Lottery could help to revive … Read more

Lottery winner ‘stabbed in face’ at £700,000 home as her husband is charged with attempted murder

£5.5million lottery winner ‘stabbed in the face’ at her £700,000 home as her husband is charged with her attempted murder Emma Brown, 49, found with injuries to face, stomach and arms last Saturday Her husband, Stephen Gibbs, 45, has been charged with her attempted murder  Couple from South Wales bought the home after landing jackpot … Read more

Woman reveals her extended family bizarrely think she is HIDING a lottery win

A British mother has revealed her extended family have cut all contact with her after accusing  her of hiding a lottery win and not sharing the winnings. The woman, who lives in the North West of England, took to Mumsnet to share the bizarre story, and asked other parents for advice about how to ‘deal with’ … Read more

National Lottery operator Camelot sends the Mail Force computers for kids campaign fund soaring 

Mail Force hit the jackpot yesterday with a thumping £1million donation from Camelot. The National Lottery operator’s awesome offer to match reader donations sent the campaign to get laptops to lockdown pupils soaring. In less than a week, £5million has been raised and thousands of computers pledged – and this is just the beginning. Cheques, online … Read more

Covid UK: End vaccine postcode lottery NOW

Ministers are pressurising their own Government to end the vaccine postcode lottery amid fears the most vulnerable in some areas are being left behind. Matt Hancock revealed yesterday that more than 4million people in the UK have now received a vaccine, including more than half of over-80s and care home residents. The Health Secretary said … Read more

Covid UK: Boris Johnson criticised amid ‘vaccine postcode lottery’

Boris Johnson is facing a backlash over a ‘postcode lottery’ in vaccinations today as millions of 70-somethings are offered jabs – but only in areas where most older people have already had them. Nearly five million people aged between 70 and 80 are being invited to receive their first dose, with some in Whitehall suggesting … Read more