‘Generation Covid’ are being recruited as ‘money mules’

Desperate young adults left jobless and penniless by the pandemic are being recruited by criminals as ‘money mules’, it is claimed. Normally law abiding people are being drawn into a life of crime to help launder the profits of illegal activity, including drug dealing, according to the banking body UK Finance and fraud prevention experts, … Read more

Netflix’s Bridgerton recruited diverse cast with ‘inclusion lens’ 

Netflix‘s vice-president of inclusion strategy has said Bridgerton’s racially diverse cast was the result of an ‘inclusion lens’ being applied to casting decisions.  Verna Myers said the company supported diverse lead producers and showrunners for the series as well as its executive producer Shonda Rhymes. Bridgerton is a romantic drama set in Regency London which … Read more

Is the great vaccine drive by Easter doomed already? Volunteers army has NOT been recruited

Ambitious hopes of getting 2million Britons vaccinated against Covid each week are already hanging in the balance, threatening No10’s bold aim of ending the constant cycle of lockdowns by Easter. A MailOnline analysis reveals Britons could be waiting until December 2022 for more than 30million over 50s and the most vulnerable just to get their … Read more

Data specialist recruited to civil service after Cummings’ call for ‘weirdos and misfits’ is sacked

Data specialist recruited to civil service after Dominic Cummings’ call for ‘weirdos and misfits’ is sacked after posting on social media that police should use live rounds against BLM protesters Will O’Shea, 57, data architecture and governance specialist, was sacked in July Data specialist lost job in the Cabinet Office, which he had from April, … Read more

Charities fear children will be recruited into ‘county lines’ drugs gangs as schools stay shut 

The acrid smell of cannabis wafts across the green as a group of young teenagers brazenly pass around a joint.  Nearby, underage drinkers swig from bottles of vodka and inhale balloons full of so-called ‘hippy crack’ laughing gas. This was the scene at 8pm on Thursday in a London park, and is similar to those being … Read more