Roy Greenslade lectures newspapers on ethics yet his own duplicity beggars belief, writes GUY ADAMS

When Boris Johnson was in charge of The Spectator, he ran an article accusing Roy Greenslade of being part of a secret ‘Republican cell at the heart of The Guardian’, whose members were conspiring to make it publish ‘editorials that lean alarmingly towards the IRA’. There followed an almighty stink. First, Mr Greenslade’s editor Alan … Read more

Birmingham police tell shoppers not to give money to beggars

Police tell shoppers not to give money to beggars because they are not homeless and are earning £200 a day Career beggars in Birmingham are feared to be exploiting public’s generosity  West Midlands Police have told businesses to move on ‘nuisance’ beggars Sgt Hanif Ullah wrote to traders warning them against non-homeless beggars  By Jack … Read more