Ron Dennis and daughter race to supply a million meals to NHS workers

Ron Dennis and his anaesthetist daughter race to supply a million meals to NHS workers

Front line: Ron Dennis,’s daughter Charlotte Hall (pictured), is an NHS anaesthetist

Delivering meals to hard-pressed NHS staff is a long way from the glamour of motor racing, but former McLaren boss Ron Dennis, 72, is throwing himself into the project with his daughter Dr Charlotte Hall, an NHS anaesthetist.

He has joined forces with Tesco, Yodel and luxury catering company Absolute Taste to supply a million meals to doctors, nurses and other professionals through a new scheme, 

The Dennis family foundation is donating £1million in seed funding and £500,000 to match donations by others.

‘I wanted to get involved because of Charlotte,’ said Ron. 

‘She told me so many staff find it hard to have meals or coffee while they are working, so they go home, have a bowl of cornflakes and go to bed. 

‘Here I am trapped in my house, so I can take a lead.

‘I phoned Dave Lewis from Tesco on a Saturday evening and 20 minutes later he said he was in. 

‘This has been like building a start-up business in a fortnight. Now it has a momentum. I will create a legacy project that will benefit the NHS.’

Charlotte, 32, said: ‘We came up with this idea on a family Zoom call. 

‘The meals are packed full of good food, and always a flapjack or a brownie that is a little bit naughty as well.’