Huge surge in Britons investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin

Given cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can see their value swing by as much as 15 per cent in 48 hours, it might be sage advice to transfer any gains into something more concrete. Rich Whitehurst, 37, from Stoke-on-Trent, might have taken that advice literally. After quadrupling an investment of around £240 in around 60 days during … Read more

The most sought after job perks of 2021 revealed

Nap pods and ping pong tables were once considered a top work perk, but these have now been replaced by ones like free virtual exercise classes, paw-ternity leave and work from home allowances thanks to the pandemic. Many of these perks were introduced as a well-being initiative to help with workers’ mental health and to … Read more

Britain’s ‘accidental savers’ have saved £170bn in year of lockdowns  

How Britain’s ‘accidental savers’ have squirreled away £170bn after a year of lockdowns By Daily Mail City & Finance Reporter Published: 22:03 GMT, 1 March 2021 | Updated: 22:03 GMT, 1 March 2021 Households squirreled away another £18.5billion in January – taking the war chest built up by ‘accidental savers’ to £170billion. Workers who have … Read more

How Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the UK economy

The economy has endured its worst peacetime shock in living memory. And almost a year on from the first lockdown, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will tomorrow unveil a Budget that attempts to wean the country off emergency support measures and set a course towards recovery. He will also want to reassure voters – and financial markets … Read more

What will be in the Budget? A giveaway to stoke a post-pandemic recovery

Rishi Sunak: Ready to help stoke a post-lockdown boom The Government is expected to follow up its successful vaccine programme with a feel-good giveaway Budget to stimulate an economic recovery from the pandemic.  Chancellor Rishi Sunak is apparently prepared to help stoke a post-lockdown boom, and put off tax rises to pay the mammoth Covid-19 … Read more

Robots posing as humans now answer 85% of customer queries online

Hi Rosie, I can see you’re thinking of leaving us,’ a customer services adviser called Ann wrote via the live chat service on my broadband provider’s website. ‘Yes, I’ve been trying to speak to the call centre but I’ve been on hold for 42 minutes.’ ‘I understand that,’ came the message back. But did she? … Read more

What is Modern Monetary Theory: Do we need to worry about the deficit?

Printing presses: The UK controls its own money supply, as do the US and Japan  The Government has run up a huge bill to fight Covid-19, and borrowed heavily to cover it. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is already signalling that as soon as a recovery from the virus begins, he will be looking to raise cash … Read more

Woodford may be a witness FOR investors

Woodford may be a witness FOR investors as law firm prepares class action against Link Financial Services Woodford could be asked by Harcus Parker to stand as a witness against Link Harcus Parker has amassed more than 6,000 investors to sue Link  Link shuttered Woodford’s £3.7billion Equity Income fund in 2019  By Jeff Prestridge for … Read more

Lloyd’s of London: We’ll root out treasures with links to slave trade

Lloyd’s of London has pledged to publish a catalogue of its 3,000 treasures to root out any connections with the slave trade.  The world’s oldest insurance market is seeking an archivist to examine its vast trove of goods obtained over more than three centuries, including paintings, furniture, swords and silverware. Lloyd’s has posted an advert … Read more