Moment angry bison hurls rival through air as animals clash in the middle of the road at Yellowstone

Moment angry bison hurls rival through the air as animals clash in the middle of the road at Yellowstone National Park Two bison were filmed fighting each other at Yellowstone National Park  One of the bison – which can weigh up to 2,000lbs – is seen taking off at full speed towards its rival as … Read more

Yellowstone hotspot dates back to at least 50 million years, scientists say 

The source of heat that powers the volcanic system of Yellowstone National Park in the western US dates back to at least 50 million years ago, scientists say.   Known as Yellowstone hotspot, this vast volcanic system has long been thought to have initiated about 17 million years ago.  It’s responsible for Yellowstone National Park’s famous volcanic … Read more

Yellowstone ‘Zone of Death’ is a 50-square-mile region in Idaho where ‘you can get away with murder’

Yellowstone National Park stretches more than 3,400 square miles through Wyoming and Montana, but a small portion of the park dips into Idaho that is known as the ‘Zone of Death.’ Within this 50-square-mile area of Idaho is a loophole in the US Constitution that would allow someone to theoretically get away with any crime, … Read more

Cluster of Alaskan volcanic islands may be a giant volcano similar to the Yellowstone Caldera

Cluster of six Alaskan volcanic islands may be an interconnected giant volcano that is similar to the Yellowstone Caldera with previous eruptions more powerful than Mount St. Helen in 1980, study reveals The Islands of the Four Mountains in Alaska is made of six volcanic islands Experts now suggest they interconnect to make a single, … Read more

Reckless tourists get too close to a herd of bison Yellowstone Park, sparking a stampede

Tourists in Yellowstone National Park caused a dangerous stampede by getting too close to a herd of bison.  The giant creatures were caught on video approaching a river before breaking into a stampede that kicked up dust and threatened to steamroll right over bystanders. A witness said tourists kept inching closer to the herd, despite … Read more

Yellowstone bull elks smash antlers together during ‘rut’ season

In the dead of night, bull elks are going head-to-head to win the affection of the females in the herd – and the ritual has been captured in a video. Yellowstone National Park released footage of a ‘bull fight,’ complete with the clanging of antlers and grunting of two males tussling in the wilderness. Officials … Read more

Woman, 72, gored by bison at Yellowstone National Park

California woman, 72, is gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park after repeatedly approaching the wild animal to take its photograph Incident occurred at the Bridge Bay Campground, 30 miles from Yellowstone’s east entrance, last Thursday evening Woman was airlifted to hospital, and her current condition is unknown Last month, another woman was attacked … Read more

Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano that fuels geysers and mudspots is waning, experts say

Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano fuels famous geysers, mudspots and fumaroles, but new finds suggest the volcanic caldera’s power is waning. Scientists discovered two colossal super-eruptions 8.7 and 9 million years ago, which reveals the massive volcano, on average, erupted once every 500,000 years. Because the park has only experienced two similar events in over the … Read more

Yellowstone National Park has 11 earthquakes in just 24 hours

Nearly a dozen earthquakes shook parts of Yellowstone National Park in just 24 hours on Friday, May 29. The US Geological Survey reported 11 quakes in West Yellowstone Montanan, with tremors ranging from 1.6 to 3.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. The tremors were about three miles deep and hit 15 miles outside of the … Read more

Vintage images of National Parks Airways, which used to fly tourists to Yellowstone National Park

These rare black-and-white images chart the history of one of America’s most short-lived airlines. They show the fleet and passengers of National Parks Airways (NPA), which operated for a mere 10 years, between 1927 and 1937, in Utah, Idaho and Montana. It would eventually capitalise on the boom in Yellowstone National Park tourism and ferry … Read more