Police warn swimmers to stay away from Derbyshire quarry lake’s toxic clear blue waters 

‘It’s a bath of BLEACH’: Police warn swimmers to stay away from Derbyshire quarry lake’s tempting – but toxic – clear blue waters Picturesque lagoon’s waters known as Harpur Hill Quarry called ‘bath of bleach’ Limestone quarry’s blue hue has previously been dyed black to deter swimmers Derbyshire Police have warned of its hidden dangers and … Read more

Jersey fishermen confront French trawler caught in island’s protected waters

Jersey fishermen confront French trawler caught in island’s protected waters as fishing war ignites again The Granville-based Alize 3 was spotted working in ground off the north coast The boat’s skipper was adamant French authorities gave him permission to work But Assistant Environment Minister Gregory Guida described breach as ‘serious’ He confirmed Jersey would lodge a … Read more

John Waters discusses his new character on Doctor Doctor ahead of his debut on the show

Actor John Waters discusses his new character on Doctor Doctor – ahead of his debut on the Channel Nine show By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia Published: 05:31 BST, 19 May 2021 | Updated: 05:31 BST, 19 May 2021 John Waters is set to star on Channel Nine’s popular series Doctor Doctor. And ahead … Read more

Nature: Intermittent warm passages let sea turtles cross cold waters on their 9,000 mile migrations

In what experts call their ‘lost years’, some loggerhead sea turtles spend up to two decades migrating from the Japanese beaches of their birth to Baja California. This 9,000-mile journey to distant foraging grounds, however, sees the temperature-sensitive creatures somehow traverse a frigid zone called the Eastern Pacific Barrier. Researchers from the US have finally … Read more

RAF spy plane ‘monitors Russian war games in Arctic waters’

RAF spy plane ‘monitors Russian war games in Arctic waters’ as Moscow tests new hypersonic missile which it claims ‘hit the bullseye’ Reports say a British spy plane has monitored Russian moves in the Barents Sea   Russia boasted that its new hypersonic missile had ‘hit the bullseye’ in testing 6,100mph Zircon missile was first tested … Read more

Luisa Zissman slips her toned figure into a white bikini in the crystalline waters of Dubai

Luisa Zissman showcased her lithe physique on the beach in Dubai on Monday, taking to Instagram to share some sun-kissed snaps. In a white two-piece, The Apprentice star Luisa, 33, was seen leaping around in the crystalline waters before reclining in the sunshine. Floating backwards in the water, she basked in the hot weather, soaking … Read more

Playful seal spotted frolicking in shallow waters metres away from swimmers at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Adorable moment a playful seal called Alex frolics in crystal clear waters at Bondi with a handful of swimmers A playful seal was spotted frolicking with a group of swimmers at Bondi Beach  Swimmers in the shallow waters watched as the seal swam circles around them The large mammal was caught on drone footage chasing … Read more

Royal Navy’s most powerful ever warship HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to Scottish waters

HMS Queen Elizabeth – named after 16th century monarch Elizabeth I – is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-Class of aircraft carriers. Its sister ship is HMS Prince of Wales. The ships, which together cost more than £6billion, are the largest in the history of the Royal Navy.  Last month, it was reported that flagship … Read more

Royal Navy warship HMS Mersey stalks Russian attack submarine though British waters

A Royal Navy warship has monitored a Russian attack submarine as the vessel travelled through British waters.     Portsmouth-based patrol ship HMS Mersey tracked the surfaced submarine, RFS Rostov Na Donu, as it moved through the North Sea and the English Channel.  The Kilo-class diesel powered attack submarine was moving through on its journey from the Baltic … Read more

ASK TONY: Thames Water’s £272 lockdown bill was a blind guess

We received a bill from Thames Water for £272.33 for the six months to July 2020. This was more than double our highest previous bill. I called Thames Water on August 4 and explained I couldn’t see the meter as it was 3 ft below pavement level and covered by an ants’ nest! The call … Read more