German and Belgian ales vanish from UK shelves amid supply chaos as a result of Brexit

Beer importers are seeing shortages of specialist brews from Germany and Belgium as a result of Brexit red tape and Covid-19. The company ‘Beers of Europe’, which claims to operate the biggest beer shop in Britain as well as offering online sales, has issued a warning about the problem to customers. British craft brewers have seized … Read more

A third of buy-to-let mortgages vanish but could an AI tool help

Landlords have seen the number of buy-to-let mortgages slide by almost a third over the past year and rates on offer rise, data shows. The buy-to-let mortgage crunch has seen 800 of the 2,592 deals for landlords on offer in November 2019 vanish, a drop of 31 per cent, according to data from Moneyfacts.  Meanwhile, … Read more

10,000 free ATMs vanish in just two years as cashpoints that charge rise, report warns

10,000 free ATMs vanish in just two years as cashpoints that charge for withdrawals jump by a quarter, report warns Research noted a dramatic decline in machines offering free cash withdrawals  Communities in Wales, Scotland and the South West must travel the furthest for free cash, meaning the elderly and infirm are underserved  Affluent areas … Read more

More than a MILLION hospitality and retail jobs may vanish by end of the year

The Covid-19 catastrophe is creating ‘ghost towns’ across Britain and threatens to wipe out more than a million jobs, experts warned last night. A record 11,120 household-name retail outlets and around 125,000 store jobs were lost after the first lockdown supercharged a move away from high streets. However, this is just the tip of the … Read more

Quality Street favourites vanish ‘due to factory problems caused by coronavirus’ 

Choc horror! Favourites vanish from boxes of Quality Street ‘due to factory problems caused by coronavirus’ Customers took to social media to complain about their Quality Street tins The company apologised after packs didn’t have customer’s favourite sweets Nestle was forced to limit production of certain varieties because of Covid-19  By Emer Scully For Mailonline … Read more

Arctic sea ice could completely VANISH by 2035

Arctic sea ice could completely VANISH by 2035 because intense spring sunshine creates ‘melt ponds’ on the surface which absorb heat Researchers used a computer to study Arctic sea ice melt 127,000 years ago   Found the main culprit was spring sun which created pools of water on surface  These soak up more heat from the … Read more

Twitter expands test of tweets that vanish after 24 hours following evidence they reduce harassment

Twitter expands test of tweets that vanish after 24 hours following evidence that they help reduce harassment A test of ‘Fleets’ are being expanded from Brazil to Italy Twitter says the ephemeral tweets have helped reduce bullying reports  The platform hopes ‘Fleets’ will offer an alternative to more permanent posts By James Pero For Published: 17:09 … Read more

Fans ‘concerned’ about Grant Denyer and wife Chezzi after they vanish from social media for weeks

Fans have expressed concern for Grant Denyer and his wife Chezzi after the pair failed to post on social media for a number of weeks, a new report claims.  Grant, 42, last shared an Instagram post on April 22 – a throwback photo from his car racing days – while Chezzi, 39, last posted to the same … Read more