Napa Valley’s Chateau Boswell winery destroyed by Glass Fire

A wildfire in northern California’s Napa Valley wine country that burned down the Chateau Boswell has more than quadrupled in size overnight to 11,000 acres and thousands of residents awoke to mandatory evacuation orders on Monday. The blaze, since named the Glass Fire, ignited on Sunday 3.50am near Calistoga about 60 miles north of San … Read more

Some Martian valleys may have formed under ancient ICE sheets, not rivers, on the red planet

How important is the presence of liquid water? It is now widely believed that Mars holds a reasonably large volume of water. However, the surface of the planet is so cold, this water exists only as ice. In order for life to exist on a planet, many scientists believe it is essential for the world … Read more

Britain at its best: Walking with Wordsworth in the Wye and Usk valleys

This golden spot on the Welsh side of the border with England has been called the birthplace of British tourism. Staying at Gliffaes, an ultra-comfy country house hotel in the Usk Valley, I persuade the owner, James Suter, to take me on to the leads of the roof. He points to the Brecon Beacons on … Read more