Real-life Rapunzel with 6ft-long blonde hair hasn’t cut her locks in 30 YEARS and reveals the secret

Real-life Rapunzel who hasn’t cut her 6ft-long natural blonde hair for 30 YEARS reveals the secret to long locks is only washing her hair once a week, never combing it while wet and letting it dry naturally Alena Kravchenko, 35, of Odessa, Ukraine, hasn’t cut her hair since she was five  The hair model said … Read more

‘Living skyscraper’ made from genetically modified TREES wins architecture design competition 

A team of architects from Ukraine took top prize at a prestigious competition with a concept for a ‘living skyscraper’ shaped out of a grove of genetically modified trees. Their design would mold fast-growing trees into an eco-friendly high rise or office building, with smaller branches forming individual rooms and walls.  The ‘Living Skyscraper for … Read more

Russia detains Ukrainian consul in St Petersburg and accuses him of being a ‘spy’

Russia ARRESTS Ukrainian diplomat in St Petersburg and accuses him of being a ‘spy’ amid escalating fears of war Ukrainian diplomat Oleksandr Sosonyuk has been taken into custody by the FSB Russian security agency claims Ukraine’s consul received classified information Comes amid high tensions between the two countries with fears of possible war  By Antony Thrower For Mailonline … Read more

Vladimir Putin shows off his fearsome robot tanks

Vladimir Putin’s fearsome special unit of TANK ROBOTS will go into action ‘soon’ in the Russian Army amid fears of war in Ukraine Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu attended a firepower demonstration  He witnessed Russia’s unmanned Uran-9 robot tanks operating remotely  Russia is preparing to deploy its first unit of five Uran-9 in the near … Read more

Ukraine warns it could be provoked by Russian ‘aggression’

Ukraine has warned that it could be provoked by Russian ‘aggression’ as Vladimir Putin surrounds its borders with troops, tanks and missiles launchers with a US spy plane intercepted in the Pacific. Andrii Taran, Ukraine’s defence minister, issued a statement on Saturday amid mounting tensions in the country’s eastern Donbass region. He said Russian accusations about the rights of … Read more

Putin’s threat to West: How Russia has surrounded Ukraine’s border with troops, tanks and missiles

Russia has surrounded Ukraine’s border with tanks, missiles and thousands of men as it threatens ‘full-scale combat operations.’ The United States is to dispatch two warships to the Black Sea next week in response to Vladimir Putin’s colossal build-up of military hardware close to the front.  Footage has emerged of tanks, missile trucks and howitzers … Read more

Russia warns ‘the beginning of the end of Ukraine’ will be imminent if it ‘has to defend citizens’

A senior Kremlin official today warned that if Russia is forced to defend its citizens in the disputed Donbass region it would be ‘the beginning of the end Ukraine.’ Tensions have soared in eastern Ukraine in recent weeks after Vladimir Putin dispatched tanks, helicopters and thousands of troops to the Ukrainian border. Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy flew … Read more

Hunter Biden admits Burisma hired him because of family name

Hunter Biden admits he got a job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma because of his family name Hunter said Burisma viewed Biden name as ‘gold’ when they hired him in 2014  The 51-year-old said his father’s name represents ‘democracy and transparency’ But Hunter denied leveraging connections of his father, who was then the VP … Read more

The Kremlin accuses ‘Ukrainian beasts’ of executing a boy, 5, with a drone

Moscow has furiously claimed a boy named Vladik died when an unmanned aerial vehicle struck a village in rebel held eastern Ukraine known as Donbass. Pictured: Vladik, 5, allegedly killed by drone A boy aged five ‘killed by a Kyiv drone’ has become an alarming new flashpoint as tension spirals amid claims Russia is moving military … Read more