Pink: All I Know So Far documentary trailer follows the singer on her Beautiful Trauma world tour

Fans can get up close and personal to singer Pink like they never have before in the first trailer for her new documentary Pink: All I Know So Far. The documentary debuts on Amazon Prime Video starting May 21, taking fans behind-the-scenes from her Beautiful Trauma world tour, which spanned from March 2018 to May … Read more

Baby killed after his pram was struck by BMW died after suffering major trauma, inquest hears

A two-week-old baby boy who was killed after his pram was struck by a car died as a result of ‘major trauma’, an inquest heard today. Ciaran Leigh Morris was pinned to a wall by a BMW that mounted the pavement in Brownhills, West Midlands, at around 4pm on Easter Sunday. The newborn was rushed … Read more

NHS is to set up special units to help treat mothers who are plagued by the trauma of PTSD 

NHS is to set up special units to help treat mothers who are plagued by the trauma of PTSD There will be 26 specialist mental health hubs to support mothers suffering PTSD First 10 hubs will be open within months while the rest will be open by April 2022 Experts said one in four women … Read more

Dozens of moderators sue Facebook for severe mental trauma after exposure to violent images at work 

Dozens of Facebook moderators sue social media giant for severe mental trauma after being exposed to violent images at work  Dozens of moderators for the social media giant are suing for mental trauma  Their roles were to spot and remove harrowing material from the website Some attempted suicide while others have post-traumatic stress disorder  By … Read more

Shelley Duvall gives VERY rare interview, recalls trauma of making The Shining with Stanley Kubrick

Reclusive movie star Shelley Duvall has given a very rare interview where she talks about her iconic role in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, revealing that she would spend days on set of the film crying.  Duvall, 71, who was last seen during an appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in … Read more

Lee Ryan reveals trauma of seeing friend’s dad shoot himself convinced him he was going to die young

Lee Ryan has opened up on the trauma he faced as a child after seeing a friend’s dad shoot himself dead. Speaking about the horrific experience on Family Business podcast, the Blue singer, 37, revealed the tragedy attributed to him going off the rails after finding fame in the band as well his substance abuse as he … Read more

Victims of racism should take Ecstasy or magic mushrooms to reduce trauma, study suggests

Victims of racism should take Ecstasy or magic mushrooms to reduce the trauma of their experience, suggests a new study. Scientists found a single psychedelic trip from mushrooms, acid or MDMA could help victims overcome the racism they have been subjected to.  Psychedelic drugs could also help reduce stress, depression and anxiety in black, Indigenous … Read more

Tallulah Willis shares her experience getting a brain scan to show the effects of trauma

She’s been open in recent years about her past struggles with addictions and eating disorders. And Tallulah Willis tried to get to the bottom of her mental health issues recently by getting a brain scan that purports to reveal the ‘effect of past trauma on her brain.’ The 26-year-old fashion designer was featured Tuesday in … Read more

Erin McNaught discusses the ’emotional trauma’ of watching SAS Australia

Celebrity recruits were forced to jump into freezing waters from a helicopter and then endure a three-kilometre uphill hike in their soaking wet clothes. And on Tuesday night, Erin McNaught discussed the ’emotional trauma’ of watching the tense scenes play out on television on SAS Australia. The former Miss. Universe Australia explained that if it … Read more

Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia reveal trauma of being stalked by a ‘super fan’

Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia spoke for the first time about their ‘horrendous’ ordeal with a stalker during an interview with Lorraine on Monday. The TV star appeared with his wife to describe their experience after stalker Michelle Ranicar admitted stalking the couple for six months during a court appearance last week.    Ranicar, 53, … Read more