Author pens fascinating tome charting the history behind his family’s wealth

Author who discovered his ancestors were slave owners in Jamaica after finding a box of centuries-old papers pens fascinating tome charting the history of their rum business which made the family rich Richard Atkinson uncovers the history of his ancestors in a new history book He was inspired after discovering a box revealing his family … Read more

Behold Pico Cao Grande, a needle-shaped rock that rises out of jungle on the island of Sao Tome

Towering sight: The incredible 1,200ft-tall needle-shaped rock that rises out of snake-infested jungle on a Lost World island Behold Pico Cao Grande, an eye-popping pinnacle on the paradise island of São Tomé off the coast of Africa  Technically, Pico Cao Grande (Portuguese for Great Dog Peak) – in Obo Natural Park – is a volcanic … Read more

Sao Tome and Principe are far-flung tropical islands and a pure delight for body and soul 

Many of us (now more than ever) hope to find a glorious tropical island — somewhere small, perfectly formed, filled with wildlife, an exotic bolthole to escape from the trials of the world. Sao Tome and Principe, with only 200,000 inhabitants, is a good place to start. Especially as it has more rare birds per … Read more