UK schools’ science and technology curricula ‘not fit for purpose’, say teachers

Science and technology curricula in UK schools are ‘not fit for purpose’ and need to be updated to help pupils ‘change the world for the better’, teachers have warned. Polls taken amid COVID-19 on behalf of the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize found 47 per cent of teachers think the technology curriculum, specifically, is out of date. More … Read more

Son ‘brings grandparents back to life’ using deep fake technology

Heartwarming moment son uses AI to bring his grandparents’ portraits to life and shows them to his parents  Gagandeep Singh Anand, 26, uploaded footage of this grandparents online  He used the genealogy website MyHeritage to animate the old images  Gagandeep showed the images to his parents  Gurcharanjeet and Manjeet Both his parents reacted emotionally seeing the … Read more

Major study predicts how humans will use technology to ‘upgrade’ our lives by 2030

Over the course of the next decade humans will integrate more with technology to ‘upgrade’ our lives including brain chips and exoskeletons, a new report claims. Produced by dentsu, a global advertising and digital agency, the report looks at ways the world could change over the next 10 years and the impact on global brands. … Read more

Kirstie Allsopp reveals all restrictions she put on kids’ technology use are ‘off’ during lockdown

Kirstie Allsopp reveals all restrictions on her children’s technology use are ‘off’ during lockdown because being online ‘keeps them sane’ – despite once smashing their iPads for exceeding screen time limits London-born presenter, 49, says sons want to be online while stuck at home Previously revealed she smashed kids’ iPads when they broke screen time … Read more

SAM LEITH argues technology has made plotlines more ingenious than ever

One of our foremost contemporary novelists, Ian McEwan, is fretting that recent advances in technology have had an unexpected downside: they have made it harder for novelists to write plots. Speaking in a Q&A recently, he said that given a smartphone-addled world in which the characters ‘all know everything, as it were, and can always … Read more

Mercedes’ new £38k C-Class launched with ‘Smart Home’ technology

If you’ve ever wanted to check on who’s in your house, turn up the central heating, prepare the TV, turn on a smart oven or toaster, switch on the lights or shut the blinds – all from the comfort of your car when you’re still on the move, Mercedes-Benz has now got the answer. Its … Read more

Sci-fi technology could ‘reprogram’ soldiers’ cells to give Wolverine-like healing abilities

Sci-fi technology could be used on soldiers to ‘reprogram’ cells and give them Wolverine-like abilities to heal wounds five times faster than the human body US military is working on cell reprogramming to heal wounds  faster The process entails changing cells into different ones like muscle into skin This would allow wounds to heal five … Read more

Scientists develop AI technology which can tell how someone is feeling

Detecting human emotions with RADIO WAVES: Scientists develop AI technology using wireless signals to reveal changes in heart rate and tell how someone is feeling AI technology uses wireless signals in people to tell how they are really feeling  Researchers used neural network to understand changes physical changes Participants shown range of emotion-evoking videos and … Read more

Britney Spears says she ‘can’t stand’ technology as she replies to people knocking her posts

Britney Spears says she ‘can’t stand’ technology as she replies to people knocking her imperfect posts and silly dancing: ‘I’m doing this for fun!’ By Kevin Kayhart For Published: 03:10 GMT, 2 February 2021 | Updated: 03:10 GMT, 2 February 2021 Britney Spears regular dance videos have been the topic of conversation throughout the … Read more

Xaiomi unveils remote charging technology that can charge multiple devices from some 10 feet away 

Forget cables! Xiaomi announces new long-range wireless charger lets you power multiple devices from some 10 FEET away Xaiomi’s Mi Air Charge Technology powers phones from ‘several feet away’ It also works on wearables and can charge multiple devices at once An isolated charging station locates the phone and transmits waves An array on the … Read more