Melania warned Trump ‘you have blown it for us’ after p***y-gate tape

Melania Trump warned Donald Trump he could lose the election after the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape came to light in the 2016 presidential campaign, telling him ‘you could have blown this for us.’ Donald Trump so dreaded facing his wife in October 2016, after his ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ comment came to light, that it took … Read more

THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: Why I long to take an axe to pension red tape

Doctors turning down overtime and taking early retirement because of insane pension regulations have grabbed attention in recent days. But as investors, we are all enmeshed in this tangled web. Chancellors, tax officials and Treasury bureaucrats, intent on preventing tax avoidance, have created a complex mess, with opaque rules and severe penalties awaiting those who … Read more

Plans to roll out remote testing are held up by red tape

Is THIS the real reason coronavirus testing is such a shambles? Plans to roll out remote Covid-19 screening are held up by red tape as officials insist on ‘weeks’ of training for testers Scheme to post swabs to private homes and care facilities was due for this week However, bureaucrats insist anyone who conducts tests … Read more

UK company tried to help the NHS but faced five weeks of frustration over red tape

British company is forced to sell PPE ABROAD after attempt to equip the NHS was met with an ‘impenetrable wall of bureaucracy’ British supplier was forced to sell personal protective equipment abroad Firm spent ‘five weeks hammering at the Government’s door’ with no response The Government said it had deployed ‘every resource’ to get PPE supplies  … Read more