Australian student doctor Zachery Dereniowski reveals symptoms of social anxiety really

Do you always stifle a sneeze in public? Student doctor reveals what social anxiety really looks like – and how to spot it in a friend or family member Student doctor Zachery Dereniowski revealed the telltale signs of social anxiety He said it can be as subtle as avoiding eye contact during a conversation Others … Read more

One in 10 people who had mild COVID-19 are STILL left with lingering symptoms EIGHT months later

One in ten people who had mild COVID-19 STILL have lingering symptoms like fatigue and loss of smell EIGHT months later Researchers compared about 300 healthcare workers who had been infected with COVID-19 to about 1,000 who hadn’t been A total of 26% of survivors had at least one symptom that lasted more than two … Read more

More than HALF of people who test positive for Covid have no symptoms

More than HALF of people who test positive for Covid have no symptoms – but fatigue is still most common sign, official data shows Office for National Statistics found 53 per cent suffered no symptoms Fatigue, headache and cough were the most common warning signs, they said NHS only lists a temperature, cough and loss … Read more

Covid-19 UK: Number of Britons getting tell-tale coronavirus symptoms has HALVED in a week

The number of Britons getting tell-tale Covid symptoms has more than halved in a week, as the UK continues to bounce back from the depths of the pandemic in winter. The Covid Symptom Study, run by ZOE and King’s College London, estimated there were around 1,924 people becoming ill every day from March 20 to April … Read more

Just one in five with symptoms ask for screening: More fears over effectiveness of test and trace

Just one in five with Covid symptoms ask for a test and more than half fail to self-isolate, study suggests Only 52% could identify coronavirus symptoms of cough, fever and loss of smell   Scientists found 18% of those with symptoms had requested a test   Only 43% of people with symptoms followed full self-isolation guidelines   By … Read more

Health: Looking up symptoms online IMPROVES ability to diagnose without increasing anxiety

Dr Google will see you now! Looking up symptoms on the Internet IMPROVES your ability to diagnose illness without increasing anxiety, surprising study finds US researchers tested the ability of 5,000 volunteers to diagnose illnesses They were asked to do so both before and after looking up symptoms online The findings suggest that concerns over … Read more

‘Covid shame’ is stopping people reporting symptoms or even properly social distancing

‘Covid shame’ is stopping people reporting symptoms or even properly social distancing, new report warns Researchers from the University of Kent and Leeds Beckett University Study found a link between feelings of shame and absence of cooperation Those who felt stigmatised were less likely to warn others they tested positive  By Emer Scully For Mailonline … Read more

Coronavirus infects cells in the mouth, causing oral symptoms like taste loss, study shows

SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, infects saliva and cells in the mouth, a new study shows. US researchers have found evidence that salivary glands are one area in the mouth where the deadly virus infects our cells.  SARS-CoV-2 infection in the mouth accounts for the oral symptoms people with Covid-19 have been experiencing, such … Read more

Number of people in England with Covid symptoms rises by just 0.6% in a week

Number of people in England with Covid symptoms rises by just 0.6% in a week – but expert behind app tracking outbreak insists slight spike from schools reopening is ‘well under control’ Covid Symptom Study app estimated there were 3,245 daily symptomatic infections in week to March 21 Professor Tim Spector, who leads the app, … Read more

Four of five ‘long Covid’ patients still suffer debilitating symptoms five months later

Seven in 10 patients hospitalised by coronavirus still suffer debilitating ‘long Covid’ symptoms five months after being discharged, scientists say. Research laying bare the toll of the condition revealed survivors were plagued with problems including breathlessness, fatigue and muscle pain.  University of Leicester experts, who quizzed 1,077 long-haulers, found two in five had reduced their workload … Read more