Incredible moment skipper saves houseboats from a steel container surging down river

Nailbiting moment hero boatie saves two houseboats from being crushed by a shipping container surging down a raging river in Sydney’s huge floods A fast acting skipper gently pushed the container off line with his own boat  The blue shipping container had already smashed a barge off line on its way   He saved the container … Read more

Shipping container chaos continues with import prices from the Far East surging

British businesses are facing thousands of pounds in extra costs and consumers the prospect of higher prices as a global shortage of containers continues to cause chaos. The average cost of shipping a 40-foot container from Asia to Northern Europe, including the UK, has skyrocketed from $1,752 last February to more than $8,000 at the … Read more

What CAN Britain learn from Beijing? China’s economy is surging ahead

China was the first country in the world to be struck by coronavirus and its economy is the first to recover. It expanded by 6.5 per cent in the final quarter of 2020, making it one of the few countries to be able to chalk up growth for the year. Industrial production drove the revival, … Read more

Coronavirus: China races to build massive quarantine camp in Hebei to curb surging infections 

Workers in China‘s new coronavirus ground zero are rushing to build a huge quarantine centre containing 3,000 isolation units to tackle a surge of COVID-19 infections. More than 600 workers and over 100 machines are working 24 hours non-stop in sub-zero temperatures, aiming to complete the majority of the isolation camp within three days, authorities have … Read more

Chris Whitty delivers stark warning on NHS threat from surging Covid

Chris Whitty today warned the next few weeks are set to be the worst yet for the NHS as the government begs people not to ‘push the boundaries’ of the lockdown – and threatens to make it even tougher.  The chief medical officer took to the airwaves to highlight the scale of the threat, saying … Read more

Shares at Next defy Covid gloom thanks to surging online sales 

Next has emerged as a clear winner from the High Street’s brutal Christmas after its booming online business cushioned the blow of store closures. In an update that sent its shares to five-year highs, the fashion and homeware retailer said full-price sales in November and December fell just 1.1 per cent – far better than … Read more

How bad is the Covid outbreak in YOUR area? Interactive tool shows surging infection rates

Coronavirus outbreaks are spiralling fastest in former Tier One areas and the North of England, official data has revealed. Of the ten councils registering the biggest surges in Covid infections in the most recent fortnight, eight were in the North of England — including three in Cumbria and three in Liverpool.  The remaining two were … Read more

Essex declares ‘major incident’ over surging Covid cases

Essex has today declared a ‘major incident’ as the number of coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm its hospitals and ambulances queued outside A&Es all over the country due to a lack of beds and staff, MailOnline can reveal today.  UK hospitals are running low on workers, ward space, oxygen and even pillows with patients being … Read more

Matt Hancock blames new strain of coronavirus for surging cases in London and the South East

A mutated strain of coronavirus may be the culprit behind a rapid surge in infections in London and the South East of England, Matt Hancock suggested today. UK experts have so far identified more than 1,000 confirmed cases of the variant, called VUI – 202012/01, the Health Secretary told the House of Commons today. There have … Read more

Former FDA Commissioner urges people to ‘buy better masks’ amid surging cases and hospitalizations 

Now you SHOULD buy an N95: Former FDA commissioner urges Americans to ‘buy better masks’ to protect themselves amid record-high surges in coronavirus cases Former FDA Commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb wrote an op-ed in which he encouraged American to buy better masks He recommended the N95, or its equivalent, due to its proven ability to … Read more