Doubling Michigan’s vaccine supply could prevent 1,200 deaths, model suggests

Biden administration officials are refusing to boost the vaccine supply sent to Michigan, which is now in a vicious fourth wave of coronavirus infections and deaths.  Doubling the number of doses sent to the Great Lakes state weekly could prevent up to 1,200 COVID-19 deaths, one University of California, Berkeley model suggests. But when asked … Read more

Women find bad smells more disgusting in the second half of their monthly cycle, study suggests

Women are more disgusted by smells in the second half of their menstrual cycle because their immune system is suppressed and they are more at risk of infection, study finds Jagiellonian University Medical School in Krakow scientists surveyed 93 women Found women were more disgusted in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle Researchers say … Read more

Sugary drinks as a child may lead to memory issues in later life, study suggests

How sugar can affect your child’s BRAIN: A diet full of sweet treats early in life can lead to memory issues, study warns Researchers gave adolescent rats a drink similar to human sugary soda  They then tested the rodents’ memory when they had matured to adulthood  They found rats that had sugary drinks as a … Read more

Brisk walking 5 times a week may combat brain aging, study suggests

A brisk walk around the block several times a week could do wonders to preserve a healthier mind – as well as body – as you age, a new study suggests.    In a year-long study conducted by University of Texas, Southwestern, researchers found that middle aged and older Americans scored higher on cognitive tests and … Read more

Narcissism on social media is driven by insecurity, study suggests

A new study may explain what motivates the ‘self-focused nature of social media’ – and people who constantly post selfies on Instagram.   From surveys of nearly 300 people, US psychologists found that narcissistic behaviour is linked to what they call ‘vulnerable narcissism’.  Vulnerable narcissism can manifest itself as self-promoting behaviours – such as constant selfies … Read more

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg suggests small Section 230 law reform

Mark Zuckerberg proposes ‘thoughtful reform’ of Section 230 laws on user posts – but insists Facebook should NOT be held accountable if they fail to delete damaging material In testimony prepared for a congressional hearing on Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg laid out steps for ‘thoughtful reform’ for the Section 230 law He acknowledged calls from lawmakers … Read more

Kate Garraway’s friend suggests she LEAVES Derek amid Covid battle

Kate Garraway has bravely documented her husband Derek Draper’s devastating year long battle with COVID-19 in a new ITV documentary, called Finding Derek.  And during the show, the Good Morning Britain host, 53, revealed her agony after a friend suggested it would be OK if she left Derek, also 53, amid his health battle.  She said: … Read more

Outspoken SAS Australia star Firass Diran suggests women should dress more modestly

SAS Australia star Firass Dirani is labelled ‘sexist’ and ‘condescending’ for suggesting all women should dress modestly like his mother did in her youth By Candice Jackson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 21:16 GMT, 22 March 2021 | Updated: 21:43 GMT, 22 March 2021 Actor Firass Dirani regularly clashed with his co-stars and superior officers while … Read more

Working just one or two days a week could be the secret to happiness, study suggests 

Is working just one or two days a week the road to happiness? Decreased hours could be the secret to contentment, study suggests Academics found that those who had lost jobs were more likely to experience mental health problems But they found the happiest of 5,000 people surveyed were part-time employees Cambridge University study found … Read more

Eating one rasher of bacon a day increases your chance of getting dementia by 44%, study suggests

Eating processed meat such as sausages, bacon and burgers could dramatically increase the risk of getting dementia, new research shows. The findings suggest that eating just one rasher of bacon a day could increase your chances of developing the disease by a staggering 44 per cent. However meat-lovers need not despair, as scientists conducting the … Read more