Guess who’s BACK? Celeb Spellcheck shares cryptic Eminem photo

It’s been almost three weeks since Australia’s infamous gossip account Celeb Spellcheck announced it would ‘retire’ from Instagram. But the sigh of relief from the nation’s influencers was short-lived when the notorious ‘snark’ account shared a cryptic post on Tuesday. Now the recently wiped feed has been populated with a new image of American rapper Eminem, … Read more

Celeb Spellcheck announces it will permanently DELETE Instagram

End of an era: Celeb Spellcheck announces it will permanently DELETE Instagram account – as it’s become too big and powerful to enjoy anymore By Caleb Taylor For Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:54 BST, 11 April 2021 | Updated: 03:54 BST, 11 April 2021 Popular gossip page Celeb Spellcheck will permanently delete its account on … Read more

Jadé Tuncdoruk goes private after Celeb Spellcheck calls her out for double standards

Jadé Tuncdoruk has gone private on social media. It appears she has been triggered by Celeb Spellcheck, an anonymous Instagram account that exposes influencers’ bad spelling and bad behaviour. The social media sensation made her page private on Wednesday after the popular page re-shared Jadé’s Instagram Story where she asked fans to recommend places to visit … Read more

Celeb Spellcheck: Major changes after fan backlash to ‘pro-drug posts’

Celeb Spellcheck has announced a significant change to its content after fans accused the Instagram gossip account of promoting drug use. The profile’s anonymous administrator, a Melbourne woman in her late twenties, said during a Q&A on Monday she would no longer be sharing posts about illegal drugs after listening to feedback from her followers. … Read more

Influencers claim victory after ‘bullying’ Celeb Spellcheck deletes posts

Thin-skinned Instagram influencers are claiming victory after popular gossip account Celeb Spellcheck unexpectedly deleted all of its posts over the weekend. Celeb Spellcheck, which shares user-submitted gossip and mocks D-list celebrities for their typographical errors, completely wiped its archive on Saturday. The profile’s anonymous admin later said they were just ‘taking a break’ and denied … Read more

Celeb Spellcheck is going on hiatus

Celeb Spellcheck WIPES their Instagram account and addresses rumours that they’re being sued or their identity could be exposed By J. Peterson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:50 GMT, 20 March 2021 | Updated: 04:51 GMT, 20 March 2021 The hugely popular Celeb Spellcheck Instagram account is going on hiatus after wiping their account clean. … Read more

Angie Kent is mocked by Celeb Spellcheck for embarrassing typo

The Bachelorette’s Angie Kent is mocked online for embarrassing typo after accidentally asking fans for ‘mediation’ advice By Monique Friedlander For Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:53 GMT, 15 February 2021 | Updated: 00:56 GMT, 15 February 2021 Angie Kent has learned first-hand about the perils of making an unfortunate typo on Instagram.  The Bachelorette star … Read more

The woman behind cult Instagram page Celeb Spellcheck reveals more details about her secret identity

Her identity is a closely guarded secret, but the woman behind the Celeb Spellcheck Instagram account revealed more details about herself during a Q&A with fans on Friday. Sharing a series of photos of celebrity twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen smoking cigarettes, the mystery woman behind the cult Instagram account answered questions put to her … Read more