Kyle Sandilands says Jackie O’s ex-husband Lee sounds ‘so much happier’ since their divorce

KIIS FM star Jackie O has been nursing heartbreak since her shock split with ex-husband Lee Henderson back in 2018, after 18 years together.  And on her radio show this week, co-host Kyle Sandilands took a brutal dig at Jackie, 46, over her failed relationship.  Kyle, 50, said that he thinks that photographer Lee ‘sounds … Read more

IMF sounds alarm over £7trillion Covid borrowing binge

IMF sounds alarm over £7trillion Covid borrowing binge: Rising corporate debt sparks fears of a fresh banking crisis By Lucy White For The Daily Mail Published: 22:19 BST, 6 April 2021 | Updated: 22:19 BST, 6 April 2021 Borrowing binge: The International Monetary Fund has said rising levels of bad debt, and a decreased appetite … Read more

FCA sounds warning to new breed of thrill-seeking investors

Young people are being drawn to high-risk investing despite almost two thirds admitting they can’t afford a significant loss, the financial watchdog has warned.  The research, conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority, found that a new breed of young investors are attracted by the thrill and novelty of high-risk products rather than investing for the … Read more

Natural sounds like birdsong are also good for our health, study finds

Natural sounds in national parks and gardens really are good for our health, a new study reveals.  North American experts investigated sound recordings from 251 sites in 66 national parks across the US as part of their study.  They found trickling water improved people’s positive emotions, while bird sounds reduced feelings of stress and annoyance.  … Read more

Gupta sounds alarm over his UK steel business after Greensill collapse

Sanjeev Gupta sounds alarm over his UK steel business: Thousands of jobs at risk after Greensill collapse By Francesca Washtell For The Daily Mail Published: 22:46 GMT, 9 March 2021 | Updated: 22:46 GMT, 9 March 2021 Sanjeev Gupta warned his UK business was in serious trouble after the largest lender to his group of … Read more

Scientists record the ‘shell-crushing’ sounds of a ray chomping on a mollusk

What a crunch! Scientists record the ‘shell-crushing’ sounds of a ray chomping on shellfish to access the prey’s soft tissues for the first time Scientists recorded whitespotted eagle rays eating shellfish from sea floor   Audio of the mollusc shell cracking and breaking was captured    Scientists found the noise of the shattering shell can be used … Read more

Zoom glitch makes Tory MP Scott Mann sounds like DALEK in Commons

Is there a Doctor in the House? Tory MP Scott Mann sounds like a DALEK in Commons debate thanks to Zoom call tech glitch House of Commons was a holding debate over the impact of Covid on dentistry Tory MP Scott Mann appeared on video link but suffered technical problems Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans intervened … Read more

Health: Sounds of aeroplanes flying overhead at night can trigger a heart attack

Sound of an aeroplane flying overhead at night could be last thing you hear as study finds the noise can trigger a heart attack within two hours Experts studied 24,886 deaths from cardiovascular disease from 2000–2015 All the cases the team considered were located in the vicinity of Zurich Airport They analysed the deaths in comparison … Read more

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Tier 4 Is Not Enough… Covid-19 sounds like an elite snatch squad from a movie

They love their NATO-style acronyms, don’t they? How many times during this pandemic have we been informed ominously that the Prime Minister has convened an emergency meeting of COBRA? Back on March 3, as coronavirus was coming to be seen as a clear and present danger, I observed in this column: ‘COBRA sounds like something … Read more

WSJ op-ed writer says Jill Biden’s doctor title ‘sounds and feels fraudulent’ sparking fury

A Wall Street Journal op-ed has sparked fury after it argued Jill Biden‘s doctor title ‘sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic’.  Columnist Joseph Epstein, 83, labelled the future first lady, 69, ‘kiddo’ in the piece published Friday in which he said she should ‘think about it and forthwith drop the doc’. … Read more