Best buy easy-access savings rate launched by Coventry Building Society

New easy-access best buy savings deal launched by Coventry Building Society: Will it help trigger competition from rivals? By Lee Boyce for Published: 04:58 EDT, 23 July 2021 | Updated: 05:15 EDT, 23 July 2021 Coventry Building Society has launched a best buy easy-access savings account today paying 0.55 per cent. This rate nudges … Read more

Countdown’s Anne Robinson says she’d be sacked from The Weakest Link now because society is ‘woke’

Anne Robinson, who shot to global fame in the noughties as the glacial host of quiz show The Weakest Link, has revealed she thinks she would never get away with the things she used to say to contestants – because society is now too ‘woke’.  Former journalist Robinson, who made her debut as the new … Read more

Toyota unveils robot ‘busboy’ that clear tables, wipe countertops to help Japan’s aging society

Toyota unveiled a new robot that can tackle domestic chores like clearing tables and wiping down countertops and other surfaces. A human can easily tell an object apart from its reflection, but ‘transparent or reflective items commonly found in the home befuddle today’s robots,’ according to a statement from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). ‘Since … Read more

Get ready for the first society wedding of the year!

The date is set for the first society wedding of the year! Grandson of Spain’s richest woman will wed his heiress fiancée at his family’s 18th century Madrid palace next week Spain’s Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Solís, Count of Osorno, is marrying this month He is engaged to Belén Corsini, daughter of one of Spain’s … Read more

Alzheimer’s Society: Play fair on council tax discounts for dementia

Alzheimer’s Society: Play fair on council tax discounts for households where family member has dementia By Toby Walne, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:51 BST, 1 May 2021 | Updated: 21:51 BST, 1 May 2021 Charity Alzheimer’s Society is urging local authorities to stop playing hard ball over paying council tax discounts to households where … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury urges society to ‘choose a better future for all’

Maskless Archbishop of Canterbury urges society to ‘choose a better future for all’, not just the rich and powerful, during socially distanced Easter Sunday service Archbishop of Canterbury called on society to ‘choose a better future for all’ Justin Welby said the country had a ‘choice’ to make over the coming years   Message comes after … Read more

Jedward shave their heads to raise money for Irish Cancer Society in honour of their late mother

Jedward discussed their late mother’s influence on their career after shaving their heads in her honour. The X Factor stars, 29, whose parent passed away from cancer in February 2019, reflected on how Susanna ‘never wanted us to be scared’ as they appeared on Sky News on Wednesday. John and Edward Grimes also touched on … Read more

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: We are the Self-Vaccination Society… so let’s grab The Italian Jab! 

No one should be surprised at the shameful behaviour of Eurocrats over the corona vaccine. They were always going to revert to type. Some of us have been telling you for decades that the European Union is a corrupt, incompetent, anti-democratic protection racket. That’s partly why 17.4 million voted Leave in 2016. After the EU’s … Read more

Student banned from SU for saying ‘Rule Britannia’ in debate is kicked out of politics society 

A student who was banned from Aberdeen University’s union for saying ‘Rule Britannia’ during a British army debate has now been kicked out of the politics society. Elizabeth Heverin, 19, was told she had used ‘discriminatory or racist language’ after quoting the historic anthem during an online student council meeting last month. Her comment prompted a … Read more

Society has a duty to defend figures who are bullied by ‘online mob’, says Liam Fox 

JK Rowling storm ‘shows risk to free speech’: Society has a duty to defend figures who are bullied by ‘online mob’, says Liam Fox Liam Fox said free speech could be in peril unless defend figures like JK Rowling  The former cabinet minister says new technology poses risks to free speech Meanwhile the Archbishop of … Read more