Plans for £700m Hertfordshire Sunset Studio that could rival James Bond and Harry Potter sites

Hollywood in Hertfordshire: Sunset Studios unveils plans for £700m ‘world class’ film and TV production site in Broxbourne – their first outside Tinseltown which could create 4,500 jobs Sunset Studios have revealed plans for a new £700m site in Broxbourne, Herts The plans have been revealed by Blackstone and Hudson Pacific Properties  New site is … Read more

Royal Mail to put best bosses in worst sites

Royal Mail asks most successful managers to help improve its worst performing delivery offices By Alex Lawson, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 16:50 EDT, 24 July 2021 | Updated: 17:22 EDT, 24 July 2021 Royal Mail has asked its most successful managers to help improve its worst performing delivery offices.  Chief executive Simon Thompson has … Read more

The Block producers ‘scoping out potential sites’ in Byron Bay for future seasons of the show

The Block producers are ‘scoping out potential sites’ in Byron Bay for future seasons of the Channel Nine show By Alisha Buaya For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:57 EDT, 23 July 2021 | Updated: 23:58 EDT, 23 July 2021 The new season of The Block will begin next month which will see fans of the … Read more

Fraudsters swindle £15MILLION from victims using dating sites

Fraudsters swindle £15MILLION from victims using dating sites to offer bogus investments with the average loss per person £15,936 Hundreds of people reported being approached by criminals on dating sites  They are persuaded to take up investment opportunities which are fraudulent After taking money meant for stocks, shares and cryptocurrencies the fraudsters then cut all contact  Average … Read more

Unite leadership contender Howard Beckett in row over call to use defence cash on traveller sites

Unite union leadership contender Howard Beckett calls for UK’s multi-billion defence budget to pay for gypsy and traveller sites Howard Beckett running to succeed Len McCluskey as Unite general secretary He welcomed endorsement from Labour Black Socialists on Twitter Groups said he wanted defence cash spent on making traveller sites ‘available’ By John Stevens, Deputy Political … Read more

Crowds gather at holy sites across Jerusalem for Easter as the country unlocks

Israel’s world-leading vaccination programme allowed crowds to gather for Easter celebrations in Jerusalem, while most of the world still restricts gatherings. Christians in the Holy Land marked Good Friday without the mass pilgrimages usually seen in the days leading up to Easter because of the coronavirus, but a modest crowd was able to turn out … Read more

Gangs are using fake sites to steal from investors, warns crime expert

Clone fraud: Criminals are luring investors to fake comparison sites touting bogus products in order to steal their cash Phil Rolfe is a financial crime expert and the chief executive of P2 Consulting.   During the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, investment scams have soared. Criminal gangs have taken advantage of the fact that people have lost … Read more

Arsenal hero Thierry Henry slams social media sites for letting users ‘hide behind fake accounts’

Thierry Henry has slammed the giants of the social media world for caring more about copyright infringement of users than the vicious racial abuse and harassment which seems to be growing by the week. Henry made a stand last week after announcing he would be quitting all forms of social media until the online world … Read more

Israel accidentally reveals location of secret military bases online with map of Covid testing sites

Israel accidentally reveals location of secret military bases online as it publishes online map of coronavirus testing facilities Map showed not just civilian testing cites but bases where soldiers get tested  It included names, locations and exact perimeters of the sensitive military sites Details would not normally be revealed due to fears of possible rocket … Read more

The most-visited U.S National Park Service sites in 2020 revealed – and Blue Ridge Parkway is No1

The U.S National Park Service has revealed its most-visited sites of 2020 – and it’s the Blue Ridge Parkway that comes out on top. The 469-mile ribbon of road that runs through stunning scenery in North Carolina and Virginia, and has magnificent views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, welcomed 14.1million visitors last year. It beats … Read more