Victoria’s Secret £890bn takeover on the brink

Victoria’s Secret £890bn takeover on the brink after row over store closures and executive pay cuts By Daily Mail City & Finance Reporter Published: 21:51 BST, 22 April 2020 | Updated: 21:51 BST, 22 April 2020 The £890bn takeover of Victoria’s Secret owner L Brands is on the brink The £890billion takeover of Victoria’s Secret … Read more

So THAT’S the secret of your high street treat!

Margaret Thatcher took a bite out of the newly invented M&S ready-made prawn mayonnaise sandwich in the early 1980s, pronounced it utterly delicious and middle class tastes were changed for ever. It’s still their number one best seller. And when Justin Metcalfe opened his first Pret a Manger in London six years later, radically combining … Read more

Columbia scientist says special type of ultraviolet light might be secret to killing off coronavirus

Columbia University scientist says special ultraviolet lamps could kill coronavirus lingering in the air at hospitals and schools Conventional ultraviolet light (UV light) has been used to clean hospital rooms and equipment, but it can cause skin cancer and cataracts in humans Scientists are studying a special type of UV light, known as far-UVC light, … Read more

Millions of UK couples keep their income a secret over break-up fears

Does your partner know how much you earn? Millions of UK couples keep their income a secret over break-up fears One in six people have not told their partner how much they earn Key reason for people to have secret savings is their retirement future  By Jane Denton For Thisismoney Published: 07:31 BST, 25 November … Read more

Japan’s coolest secret… Ten ways to enjoy the mesmerising – and often snowy – island of Hokkaido

All eyes are on Japan this year as it hosts the Rugby World Cup in September and the next G20 meeting in June, and readies itself for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  But visitors who want to explore beyond the obvious tourist attractions should consider Hokkaido. The wild north island is a peaceful enclave of stunning nature … Read more

The secret victims of domestic abuse 

But this groundbreaking project offers an escape, as Anna Moore reports  ‘One man had the dog euthanised on the day his wife left him. It was a punishment for her’ The first time Sally Roberts* left her abusive husband, it was because she’d been hospitalised with a mental breakdown. When she was discharged, instead of returning home, … Read more

The secret to Gaby Roslin’s boundless positivity? No more drinking…

Gaby Roslin has just met a woman with a distressing problem. It happened on her way to this interview. Roslin was walking along (she walks a minimum of six miles a day, a regime she holds partly responsible for the fact she looks a good decade younger than her 55 years) when she saw the … Read more

State Department warns that China may be conducting secret nuclear bomb tests

China may have secretly set off low-level underground nuclear test explosions despite claiming to observe an international pact banning such blasts, the U.S. State Department said in a report on Wednesday that could further fray U.S.-Chinese relations. The finding may worsen ties already strained after President Donald Trump said the U.S. is investigating the possibility … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Food wholesalers, lockdown’s ‘best kept secret’

 JJ Foodservice  Order online for next day delivery – depending on your location The business who supplied Wasabi, You Me Sushi and schools are also now selling to the public.  Sezer Ozkul, Chief Products Officer told FEMAIL: ‘Our business literally changed overnight –  on March 21st we had an emergency strategy meeting.  ‘By the end … Read more