Scientists reveal why our brains respond emotionally to faces we find in inanimate objects 

From smiling sunflowers to Jesus on a piece of toast, humans see faces in all sorts of objects. Now, new research by the University of Sydney has delved deeper into the phenomenon, known as face pareidolia. The findings suggest that face pareidolia is a key part of our survival mechanism, helping us to quickly decide … Read more

Scientists develop an ultra-thin crystal film that could allow humans to see in the DARK

Forget carrots! Scientists develop an ultra-thin crystal film that could allow humans to see in the DARK – and could revolutionise night vision Ultra-thin crystal film developed by scientists that can be applied to spectacles Design acts as a filter to help humans see in the dark by converting infrared light It contains nanometre-scale crystals … Read more

Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue in a lab using live cells

Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue using live cells that could treat future astronauts who will one day live on Mars and the moon American scientists grew human liver tissue in a lab using a 3D-printer The team started by using 3D printing technologies to create gel-like molds This acted as a platform for … Read more

University College London scientists hope stem cell breakthrough could one day cure heart failure

Stem cell advance that could fix a broken heart: Breakthrough injections may help cure condition that affects a MILLION patients, scientists say University College London researchers recorded breakthrough in stem cell tech  The new injection could one day help cure faulty hearts according to scientists  Researchers hope to begin testing innovative new jab in human trials … Read more

Cats: Scientists reveal the FIVE kinds of relationships between felines and their owners

Co-dependent relationship This cat has often come to depend on a very emotionally invested owner (the cat is very important to the owner, possibly seen as family or as a great friend). The owner typically plays regularly with the cat, and is seen as a part of the same social group (the cat behaves in … Read more

Scientists find thousands of unknown bacteria and viruses in subways around the world 

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the subway, new research reveals there are thousands of mysterious viruses and bacteria infesting public transportation all over the world.  They found 31 bacteria species present in nearly every locale—including ones that cause body odor and acne—forming  a ‘core urban microbiome.’  Beyond that, each … Read more

Physics: Scientists capture the highest EVER resolution images of atoms

Researchers have broken the record for the highest resolution image ever captured of individual atoms, creating a shot that is ‘zoomed in’ some 100 million times. These images are so fine-tuned, in fact, that the blurring remaining in the shot is the product solely of the thermal jiggling of the atoms themselves. The breakthrough by … Read more

Scientists develop robotic third thumb controlled by sensors on the big toes

Scientists have developed a robotic 3D-printed ‘third thumb’ that’s controlled using pressure sensors on the underside of the big toes.  The thumb, created by a researcher at University College London (UCL), is worn on the side of the hand opposite the actual thumb, near the little finger. In trials, researchers found the human brain can adapt to … Read more

Oldest known cave art on Earth threatened by climate change, scientists report 

Climate change isn’t just threatening our future: It’s causing some of the oldest known artwork to decay at an exponential rate. Cave paintings in Indonesia that date to 44,000 years ago are being threatened by increased salt crystals forming due to rising temperatures and longer dry spells, according to new research. The crystals weaken the … Read more

Scientists develop £2,700 ‘shoe camera’ that detects obstacles 

Follow your feet! Scientists develop £2,700 ‘intelligent’ SHOE that helps blind people to avoid obstacles Austrian computer scientists created a shoe that pings vibrations to the wearer   It warns blind and visually impaired people of obstacles using ultrasonic sensors They’re now working on an embedded AI camera for future versions of the shoe By Jonathan … Read more