Police probe Salmond inquiry leaks: Two complaints about ‘unlawful disclosure of information’

Police investigate Alex Salmond inquiry leaks: Detectives receive two complaints about ‘unlawful disclosure of information’ from Scottish government’s probe into harassment claims against former First Minister Police said it got complaints about ‘potential unlawful disclosure of information’ A Police Scotland spokesman confirmed that the force is now investigating them Salmond had said he told lawyers … Read more

Alex Salmond demands Scottish independence talks begin IMMEDIATELY after May’s Holyrood elections

Alex Salmond today demanded fresh Scottish independence talks start immediately after May’s Holyrood elections if separatist parties achieve a ‘super-majority’ of seats. Launching his new Alba Party’s election campaign today the former SNP First Minister said that discussions with Westminster should begin in ‘week one’ of the new assembly. A poll at the weekend suggested … Read more

‘Independence is bigger than personalities’: Alex Salmond says he would work with Nicola Sturgeon

‘Independence is a bigger cause than personalities’: Alex Salmond says he would work with arch foe Nicola Sturgeon to try to break up the UK (but admits they have not spoken for ‘some considerable time’) Ex-First Minister said that ‘independence is a bigger cause than personalities’ Spoke to GMB days after quitting the SNP to … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon says Alex Salmond should not be included in election TV debates

Nicola Sturgeon says Alex Salmond should not be included in election TV debates because his new Alba Party is too small as she sets outs plans for £60m fund to revamp play parks First Minister launches scathing attack on SNP predecessor ahead of election Salmond will write to broadcasters to ensure ‘fairness and parity of … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon launches another attack on Alex Salmond as Alba recruits 4,000 members

Nicola Sturgeon has launched an attack on her rival Alex Salmond as his new party Alba recruits 4,000 members, as a devastating poll shows the new party is only predicted to get three per cent of the vote. Alex Salmond would have been ‘wanting and expecting’ a larger number of politicians to defect to his … Read more

Scottish elections: Alex Salmond threatens legal action if Alba Party barred from TV debates

Alex Salmond threatens broadcasters with legal action if he is barred from taking part in live TV debates ahead of the Scottish elections as he says there is an ‘unanswerable’ case for including his new Alba Party Alba leader is to write to broadcasters and regulator Ofcom to demand a place  He was was unveiled as … Read more

Alex Salmond faces brutal grilling by BBC’s Mishal Husain

Alex Salmond today faced a brutal grilling over his past conduct by the BBC‘s Mishal Husain as he said his ‘behaviour was tested as probably no behaviour has been tested before’. The former Scottish first minister and leader of the new Alba Party was asked by Ms Husain: ‘Do you think it is okay to … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon makes thinly-veiled attack on Alex Salmond as more defect from SNP to Alba party

Nicola Sturgeon fired both barrels at her former boss Alex Salmond today as she blasted those ‘who treat politics like a game’ amid a wave of defections to his new party. The First Minister launched a thinly-veiled attack on her predecessor after several of her MPs and councillors defected to his new Alba nationalist group. … Read more

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond launches Alba party to rival SNP after civil war

Alex Salmond launches Alba party to rival SNP after civil war with Nicola Sturgeon vowing to stand candidates in May elections Alex Salmond has announced that he is launching a new Scottish political party Former First Minister said Alba will stand candidates in forthcoming elections Mr Salmond said he wants to get ‘supermajority’ at Holyrood … Read more

Alex Salmond launches NEW legal action against Scottish Government after Nicola Sturgeon cleared

Most of the critical findings in the report were decided by majority, with the SNP trying to block them but their usual allies the Greens siding with the opposition.  NICOLA STURGEON ‘FAILED TO RECOLLECT’ KEY MEETING  The committee considered a meeting Nicola Sturgeon had with Alex Salmond’s aide Geoff Abberdein on March 29, 2018. She … Read more