Robots posing as humans now answer 85% of customer queries online

Hi Rosie, I can see you’re thinking of leaving us,’ a customer services adviser called Ann wrote via the live chat service on my broadband provider’s website. ‘Yes, I’ve been trying to speak to the call centre but I’ve been on hold for 42 minutes.’ ‘I understand that,’ came the message back. But did she? … Read more

Robots CAN make you money picking stocks – here’s proof

Hope for those interested in the stock market but lacking the confidence to go it fully alone – it lies in ready-made portfolios created by robo-advisers By Holly Mackay, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 21:51 GMT, 30 January 2021 | Updated: 09:45 GMT, 31 January 2021 Primarily in response to limp interest rates and dismal … Read more

Robots: Jellyfish-inspired swimming machine could explore coral reefs and archaeological sites 

A swimming robot that mimics the super-effective way that jellyfish move about underwater could soon be used to explore coral reefs and archaeological sites. Experts use a measure called the ‘cost of transport’ to compare the movement efficiency of different species from across the animal kingdom. Such studies have show that nature’s more efficient mover … Read more

US Army researchers are developing muscle-bound, Terminator-like war robots that have living tissue

Day of the cyborgs: US Army is developing muscle-bound, Terminator-like war robots that use LIVING TISSUE in place of actuators The Army Research Laboratory wants to grow living muscles for robots The team says the living tissue would replace actuators that hold joints This would give robots similar agility and versatility to biological systems  The goal … Read more

Tom Cruise ‘has splashed out on two Covid-secure ROBOTS for the Mission Impossible 7 set’

Tom Cruise has reportedly ‘splashed out’ on two Covid-secure robots for the Mission Impossible 7 set to ensure crew are ‘behaving themselves’ and following the rules. It is thought that the ‘sophisticated’ robots will patrol during filming and can also test staff for coronavirus, reports The Sun. It comes after the Hollywood star, 58, was … Read more

Two AI robots working in a Chinese library ‘bicker’ in the lobby

Row-bots: Two androids ‘bicker like a couple’ at a Chinese library as they are ‘annoyed by each other’s temper’ Talking robots Tutu and Wangbao are high-tech guides at a library in China Funny footage appears to show them arguing at work in the building’s lobby  One accused the other of having a bad temper, igniting … Read more

Boston Dynamics’ robots twist and mash potato as they dance to The Contour’s ‘Do You Love Me’

Boston Dynamics typically shares videos of its robots climbing stairs, jumping onto blocks or carrying heavy objects, but the latest clip involves the crew showing off their dance moves. Set to The Contours ‘Do You Love Me,’ the choreographed dance features humanoid Atlas, Spot the robot dog and box-juggling Handle. During the two minute and … Read more

US Marines practice their shooting on human-like autonomous robots which fall over when ‘killed’

US Marines practice their shooting on human-like autonomous robots which fall over when ‘killed’, charge towards attackers and curse in 57 different dialects US Marines at a North Carolina base are using robots for target practice The autonomous robots have four wheels and a human-like body as the target It falls over when shot, attacks soldiers and … Read more

New magnetic spray transforms pills into mini robots that can be navigated throughout the body

A magnetic spray is capable to turning objects into moving robots, which could be used to navigate drugs throughout the body. Scientists at the City University in Hong Kong revealed the innovation made of polyvinyl alcohol, gluten and iron particles. Called ‘M-spray,’ it is capable of sticking on the targeted object and when it activates, … Read more