UK service sector roars back to life as consumers start to spend again

UK service sector sees fastest growth in 24 years as consumers start to spend again By Lucy White For The Daily Mail Published: 22:00 BST, 3 June 2021 | Updated: 22:00 BST, 3 June 2021 Activity in Britain’s service sector shot up at its fastest rate for 24 years in May, as pandemic restrictions loosened … Read more

MARKET REPORT: Cineworld roars back on US Godzilla vs Kong opening

Monster takings at US box offices for Godzilla vs Kong sent Cineworld to the top of the FTSE 350 leaderboard. The creature feature raked in £23million in the US over its three-day opening weekend – even though it was also available on streaming services, and social distancing meant cinemas weren’t full. It was a record … Read more

Controlled avalanche roars down mountain and engulfs road in a giant cloud of powder in Alaska

Spectacular moment avalanche roars down mountain and engulfs road in a giant cloud of powder as experts uses explosives to trigger the controlled snowslide in Alaska Controlled avalanche was conducted in Juneau, Alaska, due to unstable snow  Snow raced down the mountain at incredible speed after explosive detonated Cloud of snow engulfed a road before … Read more

From Slumdog to a big cat that roars: BRIAN VINER reviews The White Tiger 

The White Tiger (15) Verdict: Roaringly enjoyable adaptation Rating: Baby Done (15) Verdict: Pre-Natal comedy  Rating: Consider the calibre of films that have been adapted from Booker or Man Booker Prize-winning novels: Schindler’s List, The English Patient, The Remains Of The Day and Life Of Pi were all festooned with awards of their own, and … Read more

Ever wonder what a koala sounds like? Gentle giant named George ROARS when he smells a rival male 

Ever wonder what a koala sounds like? Gentle giant named George ROARS when he smells a rival male George the koala, aged 10 to 11, roared when a younger male entered his pen The marsupial is currently being cared for at Koalas of Raymond Island shelter A koala named Ivan, aged five to six, was … Read more

Animals: Lions have their own unique roars that individuals use to recognise each other, study finds

Modern lions, part of the cat family, first appeared in south and east Africa, before evolving into two groups.   One now lives in eastern and southern Africa, while the other includes lions in west Africa and India. Like many other animals, male lions are much larger and heavier than females, with the average weight for a … Read more

Stunning moment one of 14 F-35 fighters roars into action from runway of Royal Navy’s new carrier

Stunning footage has revealed F-35 stealth fighters roaring off the colossal flight deck of the Royal Navy’s new flagship aircraft carrier the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Two squadrons of F-35B Lightning stealth fighters, of the RAF Dambusters and the US Marines Wake Island Avengers, have joined Big Lizzie for drills with allies in the North Sea. … Read more

Mac roars back! James McAvoy’s Cyrano is a rapping delight writes PATRICK MARMION

Cyrando de Bergerac (NT Live in cinemas)  Verdict: James McAvoy is a revelation   Rating: Whisper it, but theatre is slowly coming out of its shell. A Zoom play here, a car park comedy there, and now a couple of West End star turns, getting a run in cinemas around the country.  One is James McAvoy … Read more