Maternal deaths link to hospital visit ban, report claims

Maternal deaths link to hospital visit ban: Pregnant women might have died because their partner was not present during labour, report claims Partners are banned from attending childbirth because of Covid restrictions Report says some patients died alone in hospital or discharged themselves early Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch examined 19 deaths when visitors were only … Read more

MARKET REPORT: Hot property! Landlords surge as lockdown lifts

Landlords were some of the big winners on the stock market as offices and shopping centres gear up to reopen later this year. The commercial property market has been hammered since Britain first went into lockdown last March, with warehousing being the only sector that has really thrived. Since the Prime Minister’s Covid roadmap was … Read more

Joe Biden to phone Saudi King Salman ahead of Jamal Khashoggi report

President Joe Biden‘s administration will name Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the man who approved the 2018 killing of Jamal Khashoggi when it releases an intelligence report on the journalist’s murder.  Four U.S. officials told Reuters the forthcoming declassified U.S. intelligence report – to which the CIA was the main contributor – assesses that … Read more

Number of foreign nationals who overstay visas in Britain DOUBLES in five years, new report claims 

Number of foreign nationals who overstay their visas after arriving in Britain DOUBLES in just five years, new report claims A new report claims foreign nationals overstaying visas doubled in five years In 2016, 49,420 arrived with visas but never left, this rose to 91,863 last March Migration Watch UK claim  250,000 more could be … Read more

Suppliers report 720% increase in sales as brides-to-be rush to plan their weddings

Couples have been warned they’ll face competition for Autumn dates as wedding suppliers report a 720% increase in sales as bride-to-be’s rush to book their weddings following Boris Johnson‘s announcement.  The Prime Minister announced yesterday weddings with a maximum of six will take place from March 8, increasing to 15 ‘no earlier than April 12’ … Read more

MARKET REPORT: Shares in travel and leisure bounce

Shares in hard-hit travel and leisure stocks bounced after Boris Johnson delivered his outline for lifting lockdown, stage by stage, across the whole of England.  Under the plans, there will be little respite for non-essential businesses in March.  And at every stage the dates that have been given are the very earliest re-openings and could … Read more

Cyber crooks targeting more victims but stealing small sums of cash to avoid detection, report warns

Sneaky cyber crooks are targeting more victims but stealing smaller sums of cash to avoid detection, report warns Online thieves are taking as little as £10 from thousands of accounts unnoticed Method dubbed ‘silent stealing’ and involves fewer risks than large amounts The UK has reached ‘epidemic levels’ with estimate cost at £190billion a year  By … Read more

Perseverance rover’s Ingenuity mini-chopper sends positive status report from Mars

Ingenuity, the mini-helicopter attached to NASA‘s Perseverance Mars rover, has sent its first status update to Earth in a milestone ahead of the first attempt at powered flight on the Red Planet. Mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California said on Saturday that the downlink from Ingenuity confirmed that the helicopter and … Read more

Bestinvest Spot the Dog report reveals worst performing investment funds

As an ordinary punter, it can be tough to stay one step ahead and make prudent and profitable decisions about where to invest your hard-earned cash. But twice a year a report surfaces that names and shames underperforming investment funds, and managers ‘live in fear of being included in the kennel of shame’, according to … Read more

MARKET REPORT: Boom in online shopping here to stay

MARKET REPORT: Boom in online shopping since Covid-19 took hold is here to stay – that is verdict of bosses at warehouse giant Segro By Francesca Washtell For The Daily Mail Published: 21:58 GMT, 19 February 2021 | Updated: 22:16 GMT, 19 February 2021 The boom in online shopping since Covid-19 took hold is here … Read more