Russia successfully tests hypersonic Zircon missile that Putin boasted is ‘without equal’

Russia said on Monday it had successfully tested a Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile, a weapon President Vladimir Putin has touted as part of a new generation of missile systems without equal in the world. The defence ministry said in a statement that the missile had been fired from the Admiral Gorshkov, a warship located … Read more

Fiona Hill says she considered pulling fire alarm to end Trump press conference with Putin

I considered pulling the fire alarm: Fiona Hill says she was so alarmed at Trump’s behavior at his press conference with Vladimir Putin that she looked for ways to end it Fiona Hill, who served as Donald Trump’s top Russian adviser, said she was so distressed at his behavior with Putin she wanted to end … Read more

Vladimir Putin shows off his fearsome robot tanks

Vladimir Putin’s fearsome special unit of TANK ROBOTS will go into action ‘soon’ in the Russian Army amid fears of war in Ukraine Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu attended a firepower demonstration  He witnessed Russia’s unmanned Uran-9 robot tanks operating remotely  Russia is preparing to deploy its first unit of five Uran-9 in the near … Read more

Police renew appeal for information on murdered Putin critic Nikolay Glushkov hours before inquest

Police renew appeal for information on murdered Putin critic hours before his inquest today – with call for witnesses of ‘black VW van’ seen near home of 68-year-old found ‘strangled to death’ a week after Salisbury Novichok attack Met Police’s Richard Smith said questions remain over Nikolay Glushkov’s death The 68-year-old was found in New … Read more

Video claiming to show the Putin foe Alexei Navalny walking around in jail airs online

The Kremlin today launched a propaganda offensive against Alexei Navalny as it broadcast footage of him in jail and dispatched a former spy turned RT reporter to expose his ‘lies.’   The CCTV footage shows Navalny, his head shaven, walking around with a cup of tea and ‘arguing’ with a guard at Pokrov penitentiary on March 26. … Read more

Footage ‘showing Putin foe Alexei Navalny in jail’ is leaked to strongly pro-Kremlin media

Pro-Kremlin TV station airs video claiming to show Putin-foe Alexei Navalny walking around in jail in a bid to expose his ‘lies’ about needing urgent medical attention Navalny went on hunger strike this week and claims guards deprive him of sleep Opposition leader says he’s been refused a doctor’s visit for acute leg, back pain … Read more

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron call Vladimir Putin to discuss getting the Sputnik jab into the EU

Germany and France were negotiating with Vladimir Putin to supply Russia’s coronavirus vaccine to the EU.   German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron were on a video call with the Russian president on Tuesday night.  The leaders discussed ‘cooperation’, which would see the Sputnik jab made used in the European Union once regulators give … Read more

Putin hails Russian Navy as three of its nuclear missile submarines smash through Arctic ice

A very cold war: Three Russian nuclear missile-carrying submarines surface in the Arctic Circle in fresh show of strength Three nuclear submarines simultaneously broke through Arctic ice and warplanes flew over the North Pole Russia, the US, Canada, Denmark and Norway have been trying to assert jurisdiction over parts of the Arctic  Putin has beefed … Read more

Vladimir Putin will receive one of three Russian Covid vaccines in private tonight

Vladimir Putin will receive Russian-made Covid jab tonight – but refuses to do so on camera or reveal which vaccine he will be given Russian President Putin will receive one of three Russian-made jabs tonight The Kremlin said refusing to reveal which vaccine Putin will have was deliberate  Only four million of Russia’s 144 million people … Read more

Vladimir Putin will get coronavirus vaccine tomorrow  

Vladimir Putin will finally get a Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow, he revealed on Monday as he leads Moscow’s efforts to market its Sputnik V jab to a flailing Europe.  The 68-year-old Russian leader had been under fire from Kremlin critics for stoking already-widespread vaccine hesitancy by failing to get a jab until now.  But he told … Read more