Professor Brian Cox tells This Morning viewers humans might be HOLOGRAMS

Professor Brian Cox baffles This Morning viewers with bizarre theory that the universe ‘may not be the way we perceive it to be’ and suggests all humans are actually HOLOGRAMS Brian Cox, 53, left This Morning viewers with more questions than answers today Appeared on show to promote new live tour Horizons: A 2021 Space … Read more

Caution is right. But these Covid jabs WILL save lives, writes Professor HERB SEWELL 

Our drug regulators have made the right call. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine represents a tremendous scientific achievement. It has saved thousands of lives and continues to protect millions of people in this country and beyond. But I agree that it should not be given to the under-30s while there are doubts about its safety in younger … Read more

PROFESSOR ROBERT DINGWALL says we must resist the biosecurity state

Robert Dingwall is a professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University and a member of several Government advisory groups These are extraordinary times, and not just because we are coming through the greatest national trauma since the Second World War. The vaccination programme is something close to a modern miracle. There is further good news … Read more

PROFESSOR MATT GOODWIN says findings about the white working class in race report shamefully ignored

Professor Matthew Goodwin Should you want to succeed in modern Britain, don’t be a poor white boy. That is what you might conclude after reading the controversial new report on race in Britain. It is not a fashionable thing to say in a society that has lost interest in the white working class, but it … Read more

Britain’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’, Professor Chris Whitty warns

Britain’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’ because jabs aren’t 100 per cent effective and millions have still yet to be fully inoculated, Professor Chris Whitty warned tonight. England’s chief medical officer acknowledged the wall — designed to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed and thousands from dying in the event of a third … Read more

Edinburgh University professor shared information with fake Russian spy

Edinburgh University professor shared information with fake Russian spy in bid to discredit group investigating Syrian war crimes Paul McKeigue had emailed ‘Ivan’, who he was led to believe was a Russian spy  He asked ‘Ivan’ to help him expose details about Cija and its director Bill Wiley  Emails were written by Cija staff, and Mr McKeigue … Read more

PROFESSOR BRENDAN WREN: Britain cannot be held to ransom by the vaccine refuseniks

For a man who has set so much store throughout his political career on boosterism, Boris Johnson has been notably pessimistic about our emergence from the shadow of Covid. On Monday, he dramatically warned that a third wave of coronavirus will ‘wash up on our shores’ from Europe. It is certainly true that the news … Read more

‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson apologises again for flouting restrictions

‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson apologises again for flouting restrictions he helped bring about – but says he is now ‘hopeful’ that this shutdown will be the last Neil Ferguson came to be known as ‘Professor Lockdown’ amid the first wave He stood down from SAGE after revelations he broke lockdown he introduced Prof Ferguson has … Read more

‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson warns UK must keep South African Covid variant out

Professor Neil Ferguson has warned Britain must keep out the South African variant of coronavirus amid spiralling cases in Europe. The SAGE adviser – dubbed ‘Professor Lockdown‘ after his gloomy modelling of the first wave spooked ministers into the spring shutdown – said the troubling Covid strain was accounting for a ‘significant’ amount of new … Read more

Professor Green is a dad! Rapper welcomes first child

Professor Green has welcomed his first child with girlfriend Karima McAdams. The rapper, 37, announced on Instagram that his partner, 36, had given birth to a son named Slimane Ray Manderson on Monday.  Pro Green – real name Stephen Manderson – was swiftly congratulated by his 865,000 Instagram followers, with many of his celebrity pals sending … Read more