Britain’s vaccine postcode lottery ‘means healthy adults in their TWENTIES are getting jabs’

Some regional NHS sites have started dishing out Covid jabs to healthy people in their twenties, it emerged today in another example of the UK’s vaccine postcode lottery. Despite national guidance stating only the top six priority groups should currently be invited for the jab, there have been growing reports of younger Brits who are … Read more

Parts of the UK are already jabbing over-50s without underlying conditions amid postcode lottery

Britain’s vaccine postcode lottery was laid bare today after it emerged parts of London have jabbed fewer than two-thirds of their elderly residents – even though some parts of the UK have already moved onto over-50s. Wales widened their jab roll-out on Monday to include everyone in the next phase at the same time – … Read more

England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery: Parts of London have only jabbed 60% of over-60s

England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery was laid bare today after it emerged parts of London have jabbed just 60 per cent of over-70s – while almost every elderly person has had their first dose in one district in Hampshire. The NHS England statistics, which go up to February 14, also show that some parts of … Read more

Minister hints postcode lockdowns to be used when national curbs eased

Minister Helen Whately today hinted postcode lockdowns will be imposed by the Government to stop the spread of dangerous coronavirus variants when national curbs are eased.  The measures are said to be under consideration in Whitehall as Boris Johnson prepares to unveil his lockdown exit strategy on Monday next week.  Ms Whately appeared to confirm … Read more

Covid UK: End vaccine postcode lottery NOW

Ministers are pressurising their own Government to end the vaccine postcode lottery amid fears the most vulnerable in some areas are being left behind. Matt Hancock revealed yesterday that more than 4million people in the UK have now received a vaccine, including more than half of over-80s and care home residents. The Health Secretary said … Read more

Covid UK: Boris Johnson criticised amid ‘vaccine postcode lottery’

Boris Johnson is facing a backlash over a ‘postcode lottery’ in vaccinations today as millions of 70-somethings are offered jabs – but only in areas where most older people have already had them. Nearly five million people aged between 70 and 80 are being invited to receive their first dose, with some in Whitehall suggesting … Read more

England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery: Midlands has vaccinated the most people

British officials must try harder to get Covid vaccines to ethnic minority people because more than half of black people could turn them down, SAGE has warned. In a paper published today by the Government Office for Science, scientists told ministers that vaccine uptake in the past has been lower in non-white communities. And they … Read more

Lost truck drivers clogging up village in Kent after given wrong postcode for Brexit lorry park

Lost truckers are clogging up a small village because the government is giving them the wrong postcode for their new Brexit lorry park. Frustrated residents living in Mersham near Ashford, Kent, have seen their narrow country lanes blocked by HGVs that have been given incorrect directions. Around 30 lorries arrived in the village since the … Read more

Angry villagers slam National Trust after postcode blunder led motorists to flood village

Angry residents have slammed the National Trust after a post code blunder caused hundreds of motorists to flood into their upmarket village during the Coronavirus pandemic. Villagers next to historic Belton House say visitors to a lights trail at the Grade I listed Georgian estate drove up their driveways and were even knocking on doors … Read more

Pair face life in jail for murdering ‘cheeky’ 16-year-old in postcode war

Two men are facing life in prison for the murder of a ‘cheeky’ and ‘charming’ 16-year-old, after one of his killers was spotted on CCTV supposedly carrying the knife used in the fatal ‘postcode war’ attack. Jaydon James died of a single knife wound after being stabbed in the Wood End area of Coventry. The … Read more