Brain organoids could spark a ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario, scientists warn

As research involving transplanting lab-grown human ‘mini-brains’ into animals to study neurological diseases continues to expand, experts warn the work with these brain organoids could result in a ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario. The concern is animals could develop humanized traits and behave similar to the intelligent apes of the popular science fiction story. The … Read more

The world turns off for Earth Hour as cities across the planet mark the green initiative

Cities across the world have turned off their lights to mark this year’s Earth Hour during the pandemic. Famous landmarks went dark between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on Saturday as part of the international event organised by conservation charity the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to urge action to save the planet.  It aims to highlight the … Read more

Jupiter Green manager: How we invest in firms helping the planet

How we invest in companies helping the planet: Jupiter Green manager Jon Wallace discusses the exciting ideas it backs on the INVESTING SHOW By This Is Money Published: 08:33 GMT, 26 March 2021 | Updated: 08:33 GMT, 26 March 2021 Jupiter Green invests in companies that put solving environmental problems at the core of their … Read more

First home on Mars! Virtual house NFT imagined on the Red Planet sells for more than $500,000

First home on Mars! Virtual house NFT imagined on the Red Planet that features glass walls and furniture made of renewable materials sells for more than $500,000 The world’s first digital NFT home, called Mars House, sold for $514,557.79 that is imagined on the Red Planet  It has glass walls and comes furnished,  along with … Read more

Mysterious blobs of dense rock could be remnants of the ancient planet Theia, study finds 

Blobs of rock lurking deep inside the planet could be the last remaining pieces of Theia, an early world that collided with Earth billions of years ago, a new study claims. The moon is thought to have formed from a ‘giant impact’ early in the evolution of the solar system when a Mars-sized planet called Theia collided … Read more

Lonely Planet travel guides accused of ‘downplaying’ the harassment women travellers suffer from men

Lonely Planet travel guides often ‘downplay’ the harassment that women travellers suffer from men, a new research paper argues. A paper by Middlesex University states: ‘Lonely Planet often downplays harassment and the idea that it is not worth getting angry about presents itself again and again in the entries.’ Researchers studied the free online version … Read more

Former Bank of England governor Mark Carney wants to save the planet 

As Mark Carney chats away about his book on a Zoom call, Hope, an 80 ft blue whale, hovers above him. Or rather her skeleton, on display in London’s Natural History Museum, looms over his head as he prepares to give the institution’s annual science lecture that evening. ‘They promised me I could do it … Read more

Doja Cat transforms into 3D hyper surreal alien covergirl… as she talks about new album Planet Her

Doja Cat is ramping up for the release of her third studio album titled — Planet Her — which is due this summer.  As part of the ensuing promo parade, the Say So singer and rapper transforms into a futuristic digital nymph, or mythical goddess, for an out-of-this-world cover and photo spread for V Magazine. … Read more

Rocky Super-Earth planet called Gliese 486b that could host ALIEN life discovered

A ‘super-Earth’ exoplanet with a surface temperature slightly cooler than Venus may have an atmosphere able to host alien life, according to a new study.  Astronomers from the Max-Planck Institute used different methods of observation to discover the alien world orbiting a nearby red dwarf dwarf star 26 light years away. Gliese 486b is the … Read more

Scientists detect signs of a hidden ‘innermost core’ inside our planet

It may be time to rewrite the textbooks, as scientists have discovered the Earth has a ‘fifth layer’ in the form of an innermost inner core at the centre of the planet. Geologists from the Australian National University created search algorithms allowing them to trawl through thousands of models of the Earth’s inner core. For … Read more