Physics: Scientists capture the highest EVER resolution images of atoms

Researchers have broken the record for the highest resolution image ever captured of individual atoms, creating a shot that is ‘zoomed in’ some 100 million times. These images are so fine-tuned, in fact, that the blurring remaining in the shot is the product solely of the thermal jiggling of the atoms themselves. The breakthrough by … Read more

Changes to the Standard Model of physics could point to a ‘God Equation’

Q: What first sparked your interest in the idea of a ‘God Theory’? Why that name over Universal Theory? I first got interested in the God Equation when I was 8 years old. All the newspapers said that a great scientist had just died. They published a picture of his desk, with an unfinished book. … Read more

Physics: Mammal penises have inner reinforcement ‘like a garden hose’ that helps stiff erections

Here’s something to get you thinking long and hard — mammals can maintain stiff erections because their penises have a special reinforcement like a garden hose. US researchers came to this conclusion after using mathematical models to determine why modern garden hoses often form a wavy pattern after use. To see this for yourself, run a … Read more

Result from CERN challenges the leading theory in physics

Scientists have announced ‘intriguing’ results today that potentially cannot be explained by the current laws of nature. CERN, which operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world near Geneva in Switzerland, has detected ‘gaps in our understanding of the universe’. From Large Hadron Collider data, CERN has found particles not behaving how they should according to … Read more

Julia Roberts got Matthew Perry to write her a paper on physics in exchange for appearing on Friends

Julia Roberts got Matthew Perry to write her a paper on quantum physics in exchange for appearing on Friends in 1996… which led to the pair dating By Dan Heching For Published: 05:39 GMT, 30 January 2021 | Updated: 05:39 GMT, 30 January 2021 They had electric onscreen chemistry, and went on to date … Read more

Scientist blasts BBC after presenter said physics teachers were ‘grumpy, scary and smell of cabbage’

Fury at BBC home-schooling programme that tells pupils physics teachers are ‘grumpy, scary and smell of cabbage’ Actor & radio host Cel Spellman said physics teachers were ‘grumpy’ and ‘scary’ Dr Adam Rutherford criticised presenter for ‘ridiculous’ remarks on BBC Bitesize Spellman’s comments have also come under fire by people on social media  By Lydia … Read more

Physics: ‘Ghost particles’ emitted by the SUN shed light on how massive stars shine 

Elusive ‘ghost particles‘ produced deep within the Sun have been detected for the first time, helping to shed light on the reactions that make massive stars shine. Researchers were able to capture evidence of the particles as they passed through a special detector buried beneath a mountain near the town of L’Aquila, Italy. The rare emissions … Read more

Three scientists share Nobel physics prize for cosmology finds

British scientist Roger Penrose among three winners of Nobel physics prize for cosmology for their discoveries related to black holes Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez share the Nobel for physics Professor Penrose, from the University of Oxford, won it for work on black holes  Professors Ghez and Genzel shared it for their collaboration … Read more

Physics: controversial theory argues that the entire universe is a neural network 

The universe could be a neural network — an interconnected computational system similar in structure to the human brain — a controversial theory has proposed. As created by computer scientists, artificial neural networks are made up of various nodes — equivalent to biological neurons — that process and pass on signals. The network can change as … Read more