Fire crews free five-week-old puppy that had got its head stuck in a garden chair

A real paw patrol rescue! Fire crews free a five-week-old puppy that had got its head stuck in a garden chair in Lancaster, Pennsylvania The puppy was playing in a yard when poked its head in the chair The family failed to free it from the chair and called the local fire department They arrived … Read more

Woman turns to roleplaying with collection of realistic dolls to help process the grief of baby loss

A woman has turned to roleplaying with her collection of realistic dolls to help her process the grief of baby loss – but now husband and miracle daughters join in too.  Christina Keeler, 36, from Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, had always dreamt of being a mother, and in 2015 she and her husband Bill, 41, found out they … Read more

The Voice: Blake Shelton lands two singers in finale as Cam Anthony and Jordan Matthew Young advance

Blake Shelton gained an edge Tuesday on The Voice with two of his singers joining the final five for the season 20 finale. The 44-year-old country star pumped up his contestant Cam Anthony, 19, of Pennsylvania, who made it into the finale after his performance Monday of the R&B song It’s So Hard To Say … Read more

Aaron Carter and Lamar Odom promote celebrity boxing match… after former pop star shares sonograms

Former pop star Aaron Carter and retired NBA star Lamar Odom are set to face off in a three-round Celebrity Boxing Match scheduled for June 12 at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City. And on Saturday the fighters went face-to-face in a promotional press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The animated event comes just three days after … Read more

Daughter of a Secret Service agent shares the best safety tips her dad has given her

A Pennsylvania woman has shared some of the safety advice that her Secret Service agent father has imparted over the years — and how one of his lessons may have actually saved her life. Lauren Bell, owner of Cardy Couture Boutique, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing safety-minded quotes from her father. She then revealed … Read more

Amish community ‘is the first in the United States to achieve herd immunity to Covid’

An Amish community in Pennsylvania has become ‘the first in the US to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19‘ after 90 per cent of their households became infected with the virus when they resumed church services late last spring.  The administrator of a medical center in the heart of the Amish community in New Holland Borough … Read more

Police detective divorces wife after she was photographed with another man in Capitol

A Pittsburgh area police detective who is also a member of an FBI task force filed for divorce from his wife after she was photographed with another man while allegedly taking part in the MAGA riot at the US Capitol on January 6. Jennifer Heinl, 55, of Ross Township, Pennsylvania was arrested on Thursday and … Read more

Woman who had ALL her teeth pulled out gets $30,000 smile makeover

A woman who turned to drugs after thinking she had killed her brother has revealed that a dentist pulled out all of her teeth instead of fixing them, leaving her unable to eat.  Brittany Negler, 29, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighed just 79 pounds and was on the verge of getting a feeding tube when she reached … Read more

Missions to Mars could affect astronauts’ MINDS and make them mistake happy faces for anger

Travelling to Mars could affect the mind of the astronauts making the long journey – leaving them more likely to misidentify facial expressions, study warns. Current NASA plans could see the first humans step foot on the surface of the Red Planet by the end of the next decade as part of the Artemis mission. … Read more