Surgeon who branded initials onto patients’ livers during operations avoids being struck off

Surgeon, 53, who branded his initials onto the livers of patients with a laser during transplant operations avoids being struck off Simon Bramhall, 53, admitted writing his initials on patients’ organs in 2013  He had been working at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital at the time His registration was temporarily suspended but review found him fit … Read more

Cancer-killing treatment using a common cold virus offers hope to patients with inoperable tumors 

Cancer-killing treatment using a common cold virus offers hope to patients with inoperable tumors Phase I clinical trial announced Friday was conducted at NYU Langone Health Used a combination of a live cold virus with an immunotherapy drug  Treatment shrank melanoma tumors in 47% of the trial’s 36 participants  Several studies have examined how oncolytic viruses can … Read more

Covid-19 UK: AstraZeneca patients swamp A&E departments after suffering mild side effects

Emergency departments are being swamped by patients who have had the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and are suffering mild side effects. Doctors have reported an increase of patients claiming to be suffering from the jab in the wake of concerns around blood clots raised earlier this week. People saying they are suffering ‘mild headaches’ after having … Read more

Covid UK: Patients are CANCELLING appointments for AstraZeneca vaccinations over blood clot fears

Britons are starting to cancel appointments for the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine amid fears over its link to blood clots, GPs warned today. In what could be a major blow to vaccine uptake, doctors said they had been inundated with patients of all ages requesting to be given an alternative to the AZ jab. The concern comes … Read more

We are proof that miracles do happen, say patients who had life support withdrawn

Such was the force of Carol Brothers’ cardiac arrest, her heart stopped beating for more than 45 minutes, and she was in a coma by the time she had been airlifted to hospital. There, at Bath’s Royal United, she was kept for three days on life support, before consultants told her loved ones to prepare for … Read more

Covid-19 UK: Patients could wait for TWO YEARS for vital operations, former NHS boss warns

Patients could wait for TWO YEARS for vital operations because of ‘truly frightening’ backlog caused by Covid pandemic, former NHS boss warns Sir David Nicholson warned delays to surgery pose a risk to patients’ health  A record 4.59million people in England are waiting for hospital treatment   Could be 6.9million people on the ‘hidden waiting list’ by … Read more

Vulnerable patients tell of their joy after millions are finally freed as shielding ends

Almost four million of the most vulnerable people enjoyed their first day of freedom yesterday as shielding advice ended. Strict ‘stay indoors’ guidance was given to 2.2million individuals at the start of the pandemic, with an extra 1.7million told to shield in February after scientists identified additional risk factors. They were told to stay at … Read more

Patients are ALREADY asking for vaccine passports

Doctors reveal patients are ALREADY demanding ‘vaccine passports’ as Michael Gove launches charm offensive to win over Tories threatening alliance with Lib Dems to vote down plans – as it emerges firm behind troubled NHS contact tracing app is behind plans Michael Gove has launched a charm offensive with MPs over vaccine passports Minister for … Read more

Experimental drug cuts risk of hospitalized COVID-19 patients needing a ventilator by 54%,

A new drug may help improve the conditions of severely ill coronavirus patients, new trial data suggest.  Lenzilumab, developed by Humanigen Inc, has anti-inflammatory properties that scientists believe can control the immune system’s overreaction to the virus.  When given in combination with other treatments, hospitalized patients were 54 percent more likely to survive without the … Read more

Covid England: 14% of infected patients are NOT following self-isolation rules

Nearly 15% of Covid patients in England are NOT following self-isolation rules, official study finds ONS said just 86 per cent of infected patients stayed at home and had no visitors More than a fifth of those who flouted the rules said they had at least one visitor But most common excuse was leaving the … Read more