England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery: Parts of London have only jabbed 60% of over-60s

England’s Covid vaccine postcode lottery was laid bare today after it emerged parts of London have jabbed just 60 per cent of over-70s – while almost every elderly person has had their first dose in one district in Hampshire. The NHS England statistics, which go up to February 14, also show that some parts of … Read more

Israeli healthcare group says coronavirus infections have plunged among vaccinated over-60s

An Israeli healthcare group on Friday said coronavirus infections had plunged among people aged over 60 who had been vaccinated.  Israel is currently leading the global vaccination drive, with around 30 per cent of its citizens having had at least a single dose of a jab so far. But concern had risen globally over infection, … Read more

Almost 13 TIMES more over-60s have died from Covid in England’s hospitals

Almost 13 times more over-60s have died from coronavirus in England’s hospitals compared to those in younger age groups, official figures reveal. NHS England data shows 56,000 Covid deaths were recorded in over-60s by January 14 — but only 4,500 in the under-60s. The stark figures underline how the disease preys on the elderly, while … Read more

How a THIRD of local authorities in England saw a spike in Covid cases in over-60s

Nearly a third of areas in England recorded a spike in coronavirus cases among over-60s during the last week of lockdown, official figures show.  A total of 101 out of 315 local authorities saw Covid infections rise in over-60s rise in the week ending December 1, according to the most recent Public Health England data. Number … Read more

Brisk walk or bike ride for 30 minutes three times a week can stave off dementia in over-60s

Brisk walk or bike ride for 30 minutes three times a week can stave off dementia in over-60s even after their memory begins to fade Over 60s with memory loss that exercised for a year had improved recollection Researchers said this was due to increased blood flow to two areas of the brain UK Alzheimer’s … Read more

Coronavirus total isolation ‘shielding’ should be extended to over-60s, experts warn

Coronavirus total isolation should be extended to over-60s as well as over-70s, experts warn Scientists found people in their 60s also at high risk from the novel coronavirus Professor Majeed said over 60s should be ‘particularly stringent’ with measures   Government guidance suggests those aged over 70 should be more careful  Guidance also applies to those … Read more