Earth’s Great Oxidation Event occurred 100 million years LATER than previously thought, study finds 

The Great Oxidation Event that saw oxygen levels surge and life flourish on Earth happened 100 million years later than previously thoughts, researchers claim. University of Leeds experts analysed rocks from South Africa that were deposited in the ocean at the time of the Great Oxidation Event more than two billion years ago. This event … Read more

10,000 unexpected deaths have occurred in private homes since mid-June despite Covid-19 slump

At least 10,000 people have unexpectedly died in their own home since mid-June, official statistics show. Seven-hundred ‘excess deaths’ in private homes have been registered each week in England and Wales alone since the pandemic began to die down. But only an average of 21 each week are down to the coronavirus, according to data … Read more

Woodstock occurred during Hong Kong flu pandemic killed 1 million people worldwide 100,000 Americans

No small amount of literature is dedicated to covering the seismic happenings of 1969 – the Vietnam War, the inauguration of Richard Nixon, civil rights protests, the Stonewall Riots, the moon landing and the Mansion family murders have all been told, retold and scrutinized across countless platforms in multitudes.  1969 was also signal year for … Read more