Ministers ‘hope bid to host the 2030 World Cup can help save the union’

Ministers ‘hope bid to host the 2030 World Cup can help save the union’ as Nicola Sturgeon pushes for Scottish independence Boris Johnson is pushing a joint British and Irish bid to host the 2030 World Cup The prospect has been boosted by Euros and response to Super League plan Government sources suggested World Cup … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon says people can hug loved ones from Monday

Emotional Nicola Sturgeon announces people in Scotland will be allowed to hug loved ones again from Monday as she follows Boris Johnson’s lead but urges Scots to ‘use careful judgement’ and limit the number of people they have physical contact with Nicola Sturgeon said that people in Scotland can hug loved ones from Monday Almost … Read more

Scots battle through SNOW to vote in crunch Holyrood elections

Scots are battling through snow to vote in crucial elections today with Nicola Sturgeon‘s separatist push on a knife edge. The bitter battle for Holyrood has entered the final straight after the Tories pleaded for people to ‘lend’ their support to stop the SNP‘s drive for independence. Experts say Ms Sturgeon’s chances of an overall … Read more

Scotland on knife edge as election eve poll finds SNP faces LOSING seats and missing out on majority

Nicola Sturgeon‘s SNP could miss out on an overall majority at Holyrood in Thursday’s elections amid a surge in support for the union in Scotland, a new poll suggested today. A poll by Savanta suggests the First Minister could lose four seats to fall six seats short of control of the Scottish Parliament. The same … Read more

Fresh blow for Nicola Sturgeon as backing for Scots independence slides

Fresh blow for Nicola Sturgeon as backing for independence slides to lowest level in 18 MONTHS with 54 per cent in favour of the union – while NatWest says it will move to ENGLAND if Scotland breaks away Nicola Sturgeon trying to use Holyrood elections as platform for new indyref Poll shows Scots support for … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon admits an independent Scotland in the EU WOULD mean a hard border with England

Nicola Sturgeon admits that Scottish independence WOULD mean a hard border with England if it rejoins the EU but claims businesses will not ‘suffer’ She said Scotland would try to negotiate arrangements to ‘keep trade flowing’  But unionists accused her of planning a ‘hammer blow’ for businesses   Tories said SNP ‘are clueless about the economic … Read more

PM ‘could be forced to grant second Scottish independence vote’

Ministers believe Boris Johnson ‘will be forced to grant permission for a second Scottish independence referendum if Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond win two thirds of Holyrood seats at election in May’ Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he is against holding a re-run of 2014 vote Ministers think PM could be forced to change tack … Read more

Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party could STOP Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP gaining an outright majority

Alex Salmond’s upstart pro-independence Alba Party party could ruin Nicola Sturgeon‘s chances of an outright SNP majority in the Scottish parliament election, a new poll suggests today.   The Savanta ComRes poll for The Scotsman predicts the SNP will return 64 MSPs, one short of the 65 needed for a majority. The poll predicts the Alba … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon reveals Moderna jab is ALREADY in the UK and Scotland has ‘received its first batch’

Nicola Sturgeon stole a march on Boris Johnson today as she revealed that the first consignment of the eagerly-awaited Moderna vaccine has arrived in the UK.  The First Minister told a press conference the first delivery arrived safely in Scotland yesterday, giving the country three different jabs to administer. Her surprise announcement at lunchtime came … Read more

Alex Salmond demands Scottish independence talks begin IMMEDIATELY after May’s Holyrood elections

Alex Salmond today demanded fresh Scottish independence talks start immediately after May’s Holyrood elections if separatist parties achieve a ‘super-majority’ of seats. Launching his new Alba Party’s election campaign today the former SNP First Minister said that discussions with Westminster should begin in ‘week one’ of the new assembly. A poll at the weekend suggested … Read more